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tv   Politics Public Policy Today  CSPAN  November 5, 2012 8:00pm-1:00am EST

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on c-span3, the u.s. institute of peace on the state of security forces in egypt, tunisia, and libya. this presidential campaign is being counted by the hours. we will show you both of the campaign rallies tonight here on c-span. tomorrow at this time the polls will be closing in the east and it will be determined whether the president has another four-year lease on the white house or whether mitt romney begin it is transition. the numbers tell the story from the polls this election is a dead heat. turn out will determine who wins and the fight for the
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battleground states continues. later tonight we'll have live coverage of the candidates in iowa and new hampshire. we did learn from the romney campaign two stops have been scheduled for tomorrow one in ohio. the president will p spend the night in chicago in his own home. he has no appearance ps for tomorrow before he travels for a victory or concession speech. we will have that as all of our coverage tomorrow. first from the campaigns some new web videos released earlier in the day. >> the romney campaign has put
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up an ad that is false. >> your campaign started running an ad in ohio this week which implies that jeep is shipping u.s. jobs to china when they're just expanding their operationes to china but they're not shipping u.s. jobsover seas. >> i don't like that particular ad. >> the g.m.s smokes man said this is not what is going on. >> the head of chrysler said that is deceptive. >> they are opening facilities and expanding production in ohio. this from a business leader governor romney who thinks it is good business to out source. is this the hopeful specific agenda that governor romney has for the state of ohio hoe and the country. wasn't that a mistake when they said the ad was misleading and the fact is chrysler is
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actually expanding operations operations there. >> you've been able to unite corporate america in this false ad. >> instability should not be in the cards f. obama is re-elected a trillion dollars will be cut from your military budget a move that will result in the smallest ground force since 1940 and the smallest air force in history. mitt romney will protect america's military and their families and reverse the president's devastating defense cuts. americans streppingt is the best al lie peace has ever
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known t. world needs a strong america. america can't afford four more years of barack obama. >> some of the web videos released to the and of course all of our coverage available on our website. let's go to michigan on our democrat line. what are you expecting tomorrow? >> i'm expecting good things i hope. what i don't understand is why the people don't realize that if the republican house would approve for instance the infrastructure, hiring more cops, a few other bills they said they won't vote on so that obama can't maintain his presidency our unemployment would be around 5 or 6%. it doesn't make sense to me why they don't understand that.
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host: i know some of the polls show the race tightening in michigan but the latest poll shows the president with a 3 to 5% lead in mish. have you seen a lot of campaign activity in your state over the last couple of weeks? caller: no, i'm a little bit homebound but just what i hear on the local news and stuff. and again, like i say, i don't understand whatever your republican, democrat, independent, no matter who you are, if we did -- the congress -- your talking a lot of trademen and laborers, a lot of people working same with police and fire and schools putting people to work. again, i don't see unemployment being much more than 5% or 6%,
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who knows, maybe less. host: let's go to the republican line. mitt romney was in your state last night and back tomorrow. what do you expect to happen tomorrow? caller: i'm actually calling i'm a libertarian. but tomorrow i think obama is going to win but i feel like the people need to know there is more than two candidates and we need to allow elections to be more open and equal. and there is also another debate tonight between the green party and libertarian party on free and and if everyone could tune in and watch another set of candidates debate i think that would be great. and i hope tomorrow gary johnson gets 5% of the vote so the libertarian party doesn't
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have to continue to pay for getting on the ballot and they have equal access. host: the third party debate we aired earlier. check it out at next is pat on the republican line. what are you expecting tomorrow? caller: i'm hoping and praying that romney gets it. i think it's time that tall channels that are on needs to stop showing anymore ads and stuff and to stop that and let people get their thoughts together before they go to the polls tomorrow. i think one of the things you had on there about the military. i think that needs to take precedent and obama doesn't want that. he lide because in the early stages he said he wasn't going to touch the military. then he turned around and he said i'll give them whatever
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they want but they got to ask for it first. who in the world heard of such a thing? the military people are asking for it and they need it and it's important that they have that and he's ready to cut it. he said that early on and people aren't paying attention to that. i don't think he's a christian man. i think that was a false ad or a false statement that he made that he's a christian man and i'm afraid of him. i am afraid of him. so i'm hoping that all the republicans get out there and the independents and do the swing and get romney in there to have a difference. all i can see on your station is obama. what happened to all the stuff for romney? i think the stations have been buysed and i think that's wrong. host: i got to weigh in. if you've watched our network
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over the last few months, we have covered major romney rallies. we're live with mitt romney again tonight in new hampshire. we were live with paul ryan earlier today. and in fact we'll show you paul ryan's event from earlier in the day. we have covered them all in this campaign which and you can check out every moment of everything we've covered on our website at next is a call from colorado on our democrats line. go ahead. caller: there is only one candidate, one person running rather and that is the president of the united states. romney lies too much and anybody vote for romney, they got to have their head examined. something is seriously wrong. barack obama has runnest the cleanest campaign. he has done everything that a president can do in the most
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honest way which and barack obama will be the next president. that's what i'm looking for tomorrow. host: we'll go to the independent line from north carolina. caller: i would just like to get your opinion as an objective political analyst, seems like most of the polls that i've looked at as an independent tend to assume that the voter turn out tomorrow will be similar to 2008. i thought usa today had an interesting take that the gap is much different than today. i suspect these polls are skewing but i think they're assuming a higher turn out for people on the left than will actually happen. host: i'm not here to give my opinion and a guest concluded
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this is the first time in his words he does not know who will win tomorrow because the polls have been so close and so varied. we do know it will depend on turn out. caller: i think the turn out on the right. i'm a registered libertarian so i don't have a dog in the fight. i tend to think the romney enthusiasm has waned a bit and i think that may some people by surprise tomorrow. host: you're looking at scenes from last night as mitt romney campaigning in pennsylvania. meanwhile the president is traveling to des moines iowa. we'll have live coverage of both speeches. our approach is whoever starts first we'll go to that rally and turn the other candidate around to show you both events
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in their entirety. they're scheduled to start around the same time. mitt romney was running an hour late last night. so we'll keep track of the schedules. you'll see both here on c-span. and both of them getting under way around 10: 45 eastern time. let's go to russ from ohio republican line. you have been the battleground state of all battleground states. caller: my concern is they keep talking about the 5 million jobs that he created and the fact that most of those jobs are minimum wage jobs, in other words, they are not a living wage. host: what is going to happen tomorrow? what is your prix for ohio?
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caller: i'm hoping it goes to romney. our secretary of state sent out if they wanted to fill out an absentee ballot. i did. i can't understand why people didn't request one instead of these long lines they have instead of saying i didn't get to vote because of the long lines. everybody had a chance to get an absentee ballot. why didn't they go ahead and do it that way? host: we should point out the president is scheduled to return to washington on wednesday. mitt romney will spend the night in massachusetts tonight after campaign rally in new hampshire. he will be in massachusetts tomorrow evening. a campaign event in boston for his speech. two last minute additions to the romney schedule. let's go to rhode island.
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what do you expect tomorrow? caller: i expect obama to win. i'm going to vote for him. i voted for him in 2008. i feel obama has done a lot with no support. and the american people need to realize that. it's going to take more than four years for a president to turn this country around. this country -- they need to look back at the policies from the past republican president which was bush. and when obama came into office this country was in disarray. so obama has done a lot i feel within the first four years. he makes mistakes all presidents do but at the end of the day obama has promised things he actually come through with. and i feel that this election is going to be a lot closer than it was in 2008. i feel that obama, a lot of people are not giving him
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credit for the job that he's done. and he can do a lot more if people will give him four more years. host: over the last couple of days we have gathered leading journalists on politics with this question, what to expect on election day. one of them karen of the "washington post." guest: i think what distinguishes this presidential election is how much has been spent in resources to speak to how narrow a slice of the electorate. we're all looking at the same 7 or 8 states. ohio is going to be king on election night. but it's basically down to so few people in so few states that. and i think that is one of the things that has driven one of the unusual factors that we've seen in this election is that
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the national polling and the polling in the individual states has been so different and it's narrow on both sides. but it's pointing us in completely different directions. host: are there other states your watching, any races in particular? guest: there is a lot of speculation as to whether there might be a surprise state that comes into play in the election whether it's michigan or pennsylvania. i think one of the races i'm going to be watching is the nebraska senate race. this is aa race that had been thauthsd of two months ago as a lost cause for the democrats. but bob carry has closed the gap in recent weeks and it looks like it will be
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interesting in the end. host: is there anything that would surprise you coming out of election night? guest: is thing i'm going to be interested in seeing, if you look at the polls today, it would suggest we may see for the 5th time in this country's history an election which the popular vote goes to one candidate and the electoral vote goes to another. if you throw on to that the possibility that one or two states end up in recounts, i think we could have a very interesting december. host: all of these interviews are posted on our website at this tweet says watching c-span 2012 pretty crazy how poll larized things have gotten.
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republican line from michigan. good evening. caller: i heard a caller ask you for your opinion and you didn't give one and that's why i appreciate your network because you let the callers or guest do your spin. this is the first time for me voting in a presidential election. i voted in the last congressional cycle. so this is interesting. i am voting for romney. and like i said, this is the first time i'm voting in a presidential election and i'm 46 years old. host: why haven't you voted before? caller: i guess if you look and listen to the arguments and to the nonsensical rhetoric, that's why. lies, nobody on either side has any plans, they continually perpt wait what's called the
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campaign. i run a children's organization that is not funded by the government and it has been completely anile yated over the last four years because the republicans helped destroy the economy in 8 years with bush seems to give the democrats an excuse to destroy the country more, $6 trillion more debt. we have $70 trillion in liabilities. it's impossible to sustain its. host: what's your prediction in turns of turn out tomorrow in michigan? caller: i honestly would believe that obama will win the state. i'm a quick study with politics but i think reagan was the last republican to win this state.
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i'm not a progress knotty kate tor. i would -- i believe if romney wins he will be in the 279 flesh hold and if obama wins it will be in a landslide. host: remind they're we'll be live tomorrow evening. we'll have a live similar you will cast with politico programming. we'll show you the house and senate races. some of the victory speeches. your calls and comments and of course we are live in boston and chicago where the president will be in chicago, the romney campaign in and we'll cover those speeches in entirety. this is on our twitter page.
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host: our line for independents. good evening. caller: my comment is we're down here in west virginia. we all make our living in the coal fields. that is what produces everybody's living here. host: what are you looking for as far as turn out and who is going to win in your part of the country? caller: i hope romney wins because he's looking out for the coal fields. host: our last call is from florida. good evening. caller: i was just going to comment that i just can't believe how far right winged the republican party has become. i was watching a speech by richard nixon back in the
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1950's and he was talking about national healthcare and they've just gone so far to the right where they really have zero social conscience and i'm hoping obama wins. he's talking about things that are important to the american citizen. being just a war machine taking over what great britain did prior to world war ii. host: what about in terms of campaign signs or people coming to your door and the tv and the advertising in florida? caller: we've had two door knocks. what is getting my goat is the synagogues here that were always democratic are now upset with obama's relationship with
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gnaten i can't had you and they feel like they're not going to be protected by the united states. our country protects israel and i don't get it. i run into so many people who are $40,000 republicans and mitt romney doesn't have their best interest at heart. host: your prediction is what? caller: i hope obama wins but i think it's going to be a very close one. host: we'll come back with more of your calls and comments and later tonight live coverage of the obama and romney campaign rallies t president in iowa and mitt romney in new hampshire. locations where both of their respective campaigns began.
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up next congressman paul ryan the republican campaigning earlier today. here is the event as the congressman arrives. >> one more day. thank you for what you've done for your state and our country. thank you. i want to thank you. i want to introduce you to my
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family, our daughter and our shi son and this is sam and my wife. [applause] you know where this is going. you know that we don't have to settle for four more years like these last four years and you know that in one day we can elect mitt romney the next president of the united states and get our country back on track. you know that. i got to meet a great hero last night, a real leader just coming off the airplane. i got to meet john elway last
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night. and yes he reminded me the last time the packers met in the super bowl. but if we were going to lose at least we lost to a class act like that. he wished us well. he's fighting for us. and i got to tell you from traveling this state, all around, i want to thank you. i want to thank the people of colorado because you care about your country, you know what built our country and tomorrow you're going to e help us save our country. [applause] you can tell the course of these things based upon how the campaigns are coming to the conclusions. you can tell the course of the direction that either party wants to take our country.
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look, these are very serious times. and they rire serious solutions which means serious leadership. the sment closing his campaign in a very small way. it's the incredible shrinking presidency abdomen the incredible shrinking campaign. it's funny but it's sad. four years ago the president said if you don't have fresh idea, use steal tactices to scare voters. if you don't have a good record paint your opponent people should run from. right here in colorado you've turned on your tv and guess who is doing just that today. that's right. the other day he apeeled to your vote by asking you to vote out of revenge.
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that is about as smull and petty as it gets. i want to be clear mitt romney and i are asking for your vote out of love for country. [applause] and because we're asking you to do this out of love of country we feel morally obligated to give tu choice. we oh you solutions. so here is what we're doing. we have run a campaign saying these are the principles we believe in, the principles that built this country. liberty, all kind of liberty, relirks liberty, personal liberty, we believe in frequent enterprise. we believe our federal government works for us the people and not the other way
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around. [applause] and so we are going to say here is how you apply with these principles to get solutiones to get people back to work. it stands in stark contrast to what we've had for the last four years. you see, president obama came in and he simply said that if he just passed his stimulus bill -- i tell you truckers are great. they really are. talk about freedom loving people, i tell you. he said if he passed his stimulus bill we'd have 9 million more jobs than we have today. he passed his stimulus we had 43 months of 8% unemployment. today the unemployment rate is higher than it was when he took office. you got 23 million people struggling for work.
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15% of our citizens living in poverty today. people in retirement doing with less. and he said stimulus is left i'm going to fight for obama care. so hell spent a year and a half of our time fighting for a government take over of healthcare. then he proceeded with his war on coal and minute rals and mining. if he got another term i shudder to think what he would happen next. the good news is this, in one more day we will deny him that extra term. one more day. one more day.
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that's why we keep talking about this five point plan. we want to respect you by showing you solutions so when we win this election we have the game plan, we have the track record, we have the plan to get us out of the ditch we're in and get us back on top and get people back to work and get people out of poverty and get this country back on the right track. [applause] use the energy we have in this country, fix our schools, make more things, grow more things, sell themover seas. cut spending. give our children and grandchildren a debt free nation. [applause] and never forget that small businesses give us our jobs that are the backbone of our economy, we stand with them. we stand with them.
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this is a moment where we are defining mission and the trajectory of our country. i see you bringing your kids out here today. thank you. especially thank you for bringing this little guy with the packer hat. the reason i say that is there is nothing stronger than a parent's love for their children. it's like your heart is walking around in somebody else's body isn't it? the point is we are at an inflection point. not only is the path we're on damaging our economy, making it harder for people to get ahead. making our pay checks stretch less far than ever before but we know without a doubt that we are giving this next generation a deminshd future. we have never done that in this
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country before. this country has always been truthful to the american legacy of leaving the next generation better off. we know now without a shadow of a doubt that if we stay on this path, this mountain of debt, this crushing burden of borrowing and spending and tacks and regulating and money printing, we know that it will give our kids a lower living standard. we have never done that before. here is the good news which we know that doesn't work. we know that freedom works. we know that free enterprise works and our society is our families and small businesses and the people of this country and not our government. and we've got to get those priority tiss right and we can turn this around and get us back on that right path. [applause] . we also know that we have a man
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standing for election tomorrow that is a proven leader. you've seen the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ads trying to trash mitt romney trying to win by distraction and default is what president obama is trying to do. we've seen through that. this is a man who has proven in all of his life's endeavors he is faithful. he is a man of achievement. he turned around the economy in his own state. he turned around businesses and made them successful. he is a republican governor of a democratic state. he did not dem monnies them. he talked things through. he got things done and found common ground. and balanced the budget. income went up, unemployment went down. that is the kind of leader we will elect in one day and he has proven he knows how to do
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it. we can do this. this is the state and you heard me say it just the other day. this is the state with the most beautiful horizon of them all. it's a great peak. and by the way we all look at our own personal horizon. we see that for ourself and our kids and grandkids. in this country, it doesn't matter whether you're an american by chance or choice. that horizon is there for the taking. because this country has the beautiful idea that our natures come from god and not government. it's a country that recognizes freemed and opportunity and you
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can make the most of your life, nothing is standing in your way. we still have that country. we still are that country which and why we're giving you these ideas and reapplying these principles is proof that we can get that back by electing mitt romney the next president of the united states tomorrow. [applause] . thank you so much you guys. i got to tell you, this is an election where yes packers fans, patriots fans can come together, common ground. we can do this. we love our freedoms, we love our families and our communities and we love what made this cruntri great and we love our veterans for giving us this freedom. thank you for that. let's leave it all on the field. this is the time. colorado, get your family to the polls, get your friends to the polls rgs get your
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neighbors to the polls. talk to those people who thought hope and change sounded good but now they just see attack and revenge. make sure they get to the polls and let's wake up on wednesday morning knowing we did everything we could. knowing that colorado gave its all and gave its might and vote for freedom this in this country and we will elect mitt romney the next president of the united states. thaungs so much for coming out. god bless you guys. let's do it. one more day you guys. thank you. one more day. >> republican congressman paul ryan earlier in colorado. a live view in des moines iowa where the president will conclude his campaign. this campaign rally will be his final appearance.
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we'll have coverage of the president later tonight as we continue c-span's road to the white house coverage. mitt romney began his day in florida and two campaign appearances in virge. he will wrap things up in new hampshire and coverage of his remarks as well. he will be back on the campaign trail tomorrow. host: our line for democrats, what are you expecting tomorrow? caller: i'm a democrat but i will vote for host: turn your volume down on our tv. caller: okay. defense is growing but yet you want to downgrade the military. i don't understand that process
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it doesn't make sense to me. i'm a veteran and i know most veterans that take that oath are here to defend the country foreign and domestic. benjamin franklin said if you're willing to give ub your liberty for safety then you serve negotiate. host: you're a democrat. who are you voting for tomorrow and why? caller: i'm voting for romney because he's not willing to the second amendment for one. i don't trust him either but i rather have safety -- have liberty than security. . host: and can mitt romney win your state of pennsylvania? caller: i think he can because we have a lot of people here who are gun owners who believe in the second amendment. host: independent line is next
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in nebraska. you got a big senate race in nebraska as well. what is going to happen tomorrow? caller: for nebraska i would like to see bob carry take it. there's been untrustworthyness with fisher. however on the national scale as an independent i look over the past four years and from the crash of 2008 in september and what obama has had to deal with, it almost reminds me oh of hoover going into the f.d.r. days. we've had not a depression like those days but we've had an affluent depression. host: who are you going to vote for in the presidential race? caller: i'm looking at going with obama and the reason for that is because what i just
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said. he has done a good job. he's tried his best. it's been very difficult with the tea party. and the line has been drawn in the sand and the republicans don't want to do anything. just like the senator from tennessee or kentucky. he said his only job in the senate is to present obama from being re-elected, not creating jobs and that is disturbing. mitch mcconnell i believe his name is. host: dan from tennessee. what do you expect tomorrow? caller: i really don't expect nothing. negotiate one of them is worth voting for. but my question is why don't they make a seemless package to put the money back in social
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security and medicare where they stole it out of. host: are you voting tomorrow? caller: no, sir. host: host: go ahead. caller: i am calling because i will be voting for barack obama although i have been a republican for numerous years. and the reason why is because i've been unemployed since 2009 and with that unemployment i was able to save the first $2400 from being not taxed. and also the extensions that he approved i've been able to keep my home and i've also been able to support my family as i look for work. i am a professional person. and i have only good things to
8:43 pm
say about obama. and i had thought about the republicans, but the more i read about romney and his wife and the general motor situation and their trust fund that was just -- are you there? host: we are. caller: so that disturbed me and it was more or less that i think obama will be more honest and he hasn't cheated the american people out of anything. and i like his fortitude. host: okay thanks for your call. we have a line for republicans and democrats and independents.
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one of the number of individuals we checked in before this election to find out what they are looking for. guest: let's go to eastern iowa . there are a couple f00,000 people. it's a -- hundred thousand people. very swing district. it goes both ways depending on the leck. so it will depend on turn out out there. if you go to the northwest corner of the state. that's a rural, very republican area and one of the things we'll be watching for there on election night is turn out. because that is an area that trends republican but more christian and they're not excited about mitt romney.
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he doesn't energyize them. so we'll see what turn out is in northwest iowa. if turn out is heavy that's good news for democrats, fits heavy in the northwest iowa that's good for republicans. the central part of the state, des moines is a democratic county and we'll watch turn out there. democrats have to come out with a 10,000 plus of voters in the county the democratic heart of the state. so we'll see what kind of a margin that barack obama has here. a live view from des moines where the president will conclude his appearances and mark his final rally for his reelection effort.
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back to your calls our line for independence. caller: i've been following the elections and i'm just totally disgusted with both candidates. i listen to two candidates get up here and talk about how they care about the american people. and the economy, the economy, the economy, and yet we have two candidates who have spent more money on elections than any time in history and you're going to tell me that you care about the american people. negotiate one of these men have any honor nor do they have any shame or they wouldn't be doing what they're doing. and i've all the voted in the past but if the american people were smart, if the american people were smart everybody would stay away from the polls and not vote and then maybe we could get some change in this
8:47 pm
country. host: the campaigns and political parties toting $6 billion. will you vote tomorrow? caller: i've always voted in the past. don't sfand up and treat me like i'm an idiot. if you care about the american people, you don't stand up and talk about the economy and then do what this has done. the american people on either side are stupid enough to buy then then they deserve what they get. host: so you will not be voting tomorrow? caller: you're right and i've always voted in the past. you don't stand up and talk about something. they have no shape, they have no honor. host: voting for mitt romney while he is the most qualified and a true leader who knows business and is not an ee go
8:48 pm
maniac. share your thoughts on t twitter or give us a phone call. california democrats line good evening. caller: i'm calling to say that i'm voting for obama because he has been through a whole lot for the first four years. he's trying to straighten out what the republicans has messed up. and i go with obama. host: host: thanks for call. gilbert is a long time reporter for the milwaukee tribbune. we checked in with him what he will be checking out on election night. guest: i think the turn out will be sky high. i'm going to be interested to see what the interplay is between those races or whether
8:49 pm
they're cooky cutter images because of how polarized these elections have become or whether we get an election that is much more like 2,000 and 2004 in wisconsin at the top of the ticket which was decided by less than half a percentage noint both cases or whether wisconsin is better for democrats than their national numbers which has happened on occasion. so wisconsin swings back and forth between those two patterns and those are things i'll be interested in watching on election night. host: our next call is from wisconsin on the republican line. good evening. what do you expect to happen tomorrow? caller: i truly believe that romney is going to take miswisconsin by landslide. i think we want fiscal
8:50 pm
responsibility and we want someone that is going to do what they say and i believe romney is that type of person. and i like the twitter comment from john saying that romney has succeeded in business. he knows what it takes to run and get this country going and i don't think he wants to be president just to be president. i think he wants to be president to succeed as president. and i think that's the difference. host: you have a big senate race in wisconsin baldwin against tommie thompson wharks dow expect in that race? caller: i'm hoping tommie thompson gets it. i don't like what he did with the career after the senate race but i think he's still a
8:51 pm
better for wisconsin. host: host: one final question for you with congressman paul ryan on the ticket, what impact will that have in terms of overall turn out in wisconsin? caller: i think it's great. he made a career out of watching fiscal responsibility. and i think that's also good and what the people of wisconsin are looking for. host: we move from convention hub to debate hub and now election hub. you can check out our maps state by state to find out what is happening in all the key senate and house races, the governor races as well as the presidential election. we'll keep track of the balance of power in the u.s. senate and house. it's all available at next on the democrats line kay
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from alabama. good evening. caller: i just wanted to call and make sure that everybody does get out and vote tomorrow regardless of which party. i know alabama will go to romney but i do think that obama does deserve four more years. host: you're not in a battleground state so you haven't seen a whole lot of activity from the campaigns. dow feel neglected? caller: no, not really. ryan was here about a week ago for a fundraiser. of course i wouldn't go pay to see him. i think in the last couple of weeks the ads have gotten better, they're not as negative. host: this piece of information from the "new york times" since the party convention it is
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candidates have traveled to a total of ten states. according to the "new york times" back in 1960 kennedy visited 49 state and nixon visited 50 states. independent line from mississippi go ahead. caller: i'm like i said, i haven't voted yet. i'll be voting in the morning and i'm going to be voting for obama. i think he will do a good job because everybody watching now and they going to keep a check on him so i think he's going -- i guess he's doing the best he can. host: dow want to give a
8:54 pm
prediction? what will the president's margin of victory be tomorrow? caller: it's going to be close. it's going to be close. i'll say about the same -- i'm here in jackson so this is a republican area but he won't win this state probably. host: thanks for the call. we appreciate it. this is a live view of the white house. a comment on our twitter feed saying -- host: if you are just joining us live coverage on the final campaign appearances from president obama and romney.
8:55 pm
we'll have that live when it happens. in the meantime the candidates chris crossing the state. we heard from paul ryan earlier today. biden was in virginia earlier today. >> hello virginia. you guys look pretty warm. how are you guys doing? are you ready to re-elect barack obama and joe biden? [applause] >> are you ready to elect tim mccain? [applause] >> i know some of you have been volunteering for weeks and weeks and months and months on
8:56 pm
end. thank you, thank you, thank you. you know in 2008 virginia was the place, the eppi center of the election. in 2008, it was virginia that elected barack obama. are you ready to do it again? [applause] we're back to being another battleground state. and we all want our candidates to win but how many of you aren't going to be happy when wednesday morning comes. enough of the tv back and phone calls back but once again virginia is the center and louden county is ground zero, are you ready to win? [applause] in 2008, we changed the guard,
8:57 pm
in 2012 we guard the change. in 2008 we changed the guard in 2012 we guard the change. but even wp president obama and vice president biden re-elected we will have to have a congress that will meet him half way. i believe so much in bipartisan ship but you have to have somebody that is willing to find that common ground which and you have to have partners, not people who go out and say their number one objective is to defeat the president of the united states which we have an addition to the presidential election this year, a senate race. and in tim cain, we have an individual that i've known for 32 years. we went to law school together.
8:58 pm
he became a lawyer, i became a client. this is a goodman. this is somebody who served as a missionary. somebody who served as a civil rights lawyer. somebody who served as a city counsel sill member in richmond. then i had the opportunity to work with him during challenging times. and then he was a great governor. [applause] so we need a great new united states senator in tim cain. will you get out there in addition to electing president obama elect tim cain? [applause] the person that tim is going to succeed is also someone who has made us proud. six years ago in a race that no one thought that he could win, it was jim who turned the yilets senate blue.
8:59 pm
[applause] -- united states senate blue. it was jim who served with distinction serving as a marine and in so many ways for our country and it is jim web who has been a great united states senator. before i bring out jim web, let me say we have a great congressional candidate. we've got to not only take the senate, we've got to take back the house as well. [applause] because i got to tell you, the senate is tough, but the house we really need to make some progress in as well. but in jim web, we have someone who has served our country in the military and on capitol hill. let me bring forward for the next two and a half months,
9:00 pm
virginia's great senior senator, jim web. [applause] [applause] >> everybody warming up? thank you. it is my privilege to introduce timke kaine. i would like to take a moment of senatorial prerogative. i was thinking as we drove in today, six years ago right now, we were on the edge of pulling off one of the major upsets in
9:01 pm
the history of virginia. we have started -- i announced as many of you here who worked with us will remember, i had announced nine months to the day before the election, no campaign staff, no money, we were 32 points behind on a good day, we're running against an individual that said she to know well, over this campaign. it worked hard. we were outspent two to one. cluff the difference -- the difference is that people illegal we were saying. we had 13,000 volunteers who stepped up and we pushed. my wife is here and my youngest daughter, georgia.
9:02 pm
we went to 16 churches in one day. shurja was born and after the election. those of you who follow politics know you can get on c-span [applause] -- c-span2 and once the senate. as georgia was in her younger days, we would have late ovtes.-- votes. she could see when the final vote would come in. her first words were mommy, daddy, and senator webb, aye.
9:03 pm
it is a pleasure to have them with me. we are in the final days of one of the nastiest political campaigns. $8 million has been spent in virginia alone on the senate race alone. that both the mine. all of that money has come in anonymously. we do not know who is giving it. ist we're doing right now preserving our democracy. we're telling people what we believe, and we're telling people to vote up or down for what we see as the future of this country. will love the american dream, we want to feel as if we had the opportunity, we could put things
9:04 pm
together and make it to the top as long as there is fairness along the way and there -- as there is a safety net underneath you. if you need help in your education. fairness and security if you need a little h elp. -- a little help. if you believe in those three things, if you believe in those guarantees, my advice is you had better be voting for barack obama and tim kaine. the other side spends a lot of
9:05 pm
time talking about the opportunity at the top. i do not think there are many over there that understand many of those who need governor assistance -- government a system -- assistance want to with the american dream. it is one day before the election and we do not know what governor romney wants to do. that ought to make you worry. on the other hand we have heard a lot about what congressman ryan wants to do and not ought to recuse scared -- that ought to make you scared. we hear arguments about democrats, barack obama in particular. you look at what happened
9:06 pm
since the recession bottomed out. the stock market doubled. that does not sound like socialism to me. we are on the way back. working people are still struggling following the collapse of the economy. people at the top have continued to separate themselves from the rest of our society but i will say it again. the stock market has doubled off. do not tell me where on the way down. >> i want everyone to be carried with it along the way. that is the difference. what i decided almost two years ago when i decided i would not run for reelection, one of the first call the made was to tim
9:07 pm
kaine. and time running for office six years ago. i have come to listen to his judgment, i have come to believe in the commitment that he has made to the principles of fairness and social justice in our country. fix i urged him at that time and with every breath thereafter to work to become my successor in the united states senate. to work to become senator warner's partner as we continue to pursue the goals that i personally have been working on with others that we want to see all of us -- all of us want to see as part of the future of the united states political and philosophical system.
9:08 pm
he was not that enthusiastic at the beginning. he was not living my phone call at the time. but listening to me and that other people, including senator warner agreed to step forward and run. hehe has agreed to read. having watched what happens when the doors close, he has the temperament and the leadership style and the intellect to become the great united states senator. my successor, tim kaine. [applause] it is my pleasure to introduce to>> what a great group.
9:09 pm
thanks for coming out to my farm to have a little talk. isn't this great election fall weather? sunshine, ip. am as an omen, how about you? it was 19 months ago to the day that i can stop my campaign for the u.s. senate. i was -- kicked off my back porch and it feels really good to stastand here to senate, i lk
9:10 pm
forward to joining you. jim webb, we got a lotstand here vision and share the journey. i cannot think of a better way to end this journey that to be here with such good friends. mark warner who have known for 32 years who was a great governor during such a great job in the u.s. of webb taking it brigades. i have worked on a lot of races but there have been two races i have worked on. the senate needed and jim webb and we have been so fortunate to have his leadership. another big round of applause for senator and mark haring and on. kristin. thank you. jim was honest. he died of busted me by saying i
9:11 pm
was not completely enthusiastic. i want to serve other people. my past has been about serving the people and i wrestled with the notion that if you want to do that, frankly,died of bustedt do that? in the u.s. senate. there have been such wonderful supporters. i realize there is a grid lock there. we cannot allow it to continue. we cannot have the nation we want if the senate and congress is right -- gridlock. i decided these were the experiences i could bring to the table to try to make some good things happen in partnership with others. that was 18 months ago. since then we have travelled
9:12 pm
moreis right -- gridlock. than 60,000 miles, we have recruited more than 50,000 donors. including a deer i hit and killed, so we gave up a windshield, that campaign has taught me that now more than ever we need is people who know how to be partners rather than just hard partisans. whenever our party, we are americans first, we are virginians first. i learned this a little bit when i was the mayor in richmond. i was on non-partisan matter. we ran nonpartisan and we served non-partisan because of what our citizens wanted us to do was to find results. we were able to build schools, to reduce taxes, spur our business economy on, clean up the james river, we did it by working together. as governor you get a four year term and this was the worst recession since the 1930's. for six of my eight years, i
9:13 pm
have republican houses. we worked together. we left withh a smaller general fund budget. we did not cut in a way that messed up the economy. education week's best state to raise a child and we did that by working together. families do not always agree. part of what you do is your bring your ideas and listen and you have common ground. when people pledge they will
9:14 pm
obstruct the president, they are not putting the country first. there is a clear choice. the other side has taken pledges. are notmany have pledge they wil protect tax breask for the big five oil companies. they pledged to fight for tax breaks and they reduced medicare services. pledged to cut back or roll back at rights for
9:15 pm
women and scoff at laws against the family medical leave act. andthat says it all. we have a different we're looking at things. the senior who is trying to make ends meet on this -- on a fixed income, that is who we're working for. the veteran who is leading active service and eating at -- training to get a good civilian job, that is who we're working for. the family wants to make sure their child is not cast aside from health insurance because of a pre-existing condition, that is who we're working for. the small business owner can i get a loan to expand and hire new employees, that is who we
9:16 pm
are working for. the student who needs financial aid, that is who we are working for. the woman who is earning 79 cents on the dollar, that is who we're working poor. -- working for. we are strengthening our nation. when we put country and [indiscernible] i see folks who want to work together to strengthen our nation. that is how president obama has led our nation and i pledge that
9:17 pm
is how i will lead. it is out of my hands now and in the hands of the maker and in the hands of the voters. that makes me feel confident. i know where to this challenge. the polls open to or from 6 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. to i would encourage all of you, make a plan and make sure you get out and vote. we have a spotlight on us and were off to the side. we were not getting the business from the candidates in the
9:18 pm
campaign. there were coming to virginia but both party candidate come to virginia now because virginia is really important. we got to do our best work. so i need you to volunteer, vote, make sure that others get a chance to cast their ballot. i have had a couple of assignments. i was the last person standing between the crowd and bruce springsteen. and saturday night. i was the last person standing between the crowd and dave
9:19 pm
matthews. i am the last person standing between you and our vice president and his wife jill. an employee of the community college system. we're so thankful for the public service heart and spirit of these great americans and gives me great pleasure to welcome dr. jill biden and the vice- president of the united states, joe biden, back to loudoun county. faug[applause]
9:20 pm
[applause] >> hello. [applause] is nice to be in virginia. i do teaching. home. right at i want to thank you. you have done for much for us that we do have the best team. we have you and you are the ones who are going to take us forward
9:21 pm
tomorrow. i would like to introduce our biden.resident, joe >> i am joe biden, jill's husband. i tell you what, i have been to a lot of rallies, but i have never had a batting order like this. these are the three of the finest players. he is so popular we're hanging onto his coat. and kaine worries me so much, everybody likes him.
9:22 pm
i was in the senate a long time. i have a reputation for saying exactly what i think. i will tell you what i think. about this guy. this is one stand up man. i never met anybody who was smarter and tougher and honorable. as this man right here. i tell you what, i am so happy the economy of virginia is going to grow. my living standard depends on it. first of all, how many are veterans or know someone who has served in iraq or afghanistan?
9:23 pm
we have talked about this, we have all talked about it. one of the things is we went down on this campaign, we cannot lose sight of it. we have 60,000 warriors in afghanistan. all of us have been there multiple times. i want to tell you, it is remarkable what they do. every morning and my colleagues do the same thing, i check with the pentagon. when you are in the theatre, they will refer to anyone who is killed in the theater as a fallen angel. there 6509 families who have
9:24 pm
suffered a great deal. what made me think about it was hearing all my colleagues talk about how we got to bring this country back together again. we have too much division. we have had to much a division. one of the things i found remarkable, nobody, none of the 50,000 -- 50,118 that have been wounded, none of the 17,000 that have been critically wounded, no one halves ever ask, are you a democrat or republican? none of them engaged in anything other than what is in the interest of their country. i saw another demonstration of that spirit which gave me hope in the storm we just had. it hit parts of virginia and it my home state of delaware. parts of maryland.
9:25 pm
every morning and after this is over, i will be on a call with the president where we speak with the governors of those affected states. i found it remarkable, they are acting together again. the governor of delaware is a democrat. on this call, everyone along with all the other governors is saying when asked, what can you do? what do you need? it said taliban to say to chris christie, -- saying to the mayors of these cities, that is how people are responding in a
9:26 pm
crisis and what we have to go back to again. there is a great story, i am the oldest guy here. i go back a long way. there used to be a guy named tip o'neill. on st. patrick's day he always had a party at his home in dianabol -- and i never will forget. they used to buy new as a poster boy for the democratic party in his last election. the tough election he had was his whole career. he told the story. he said this election, i have lived next door and i am making
9:27 pm
a name up. every -- at 7:30 i went to the vfw to wait for the results. i walking down the staircase, he met his next-door neighbor and said, did you vote for tip this year and she said i haven't. we have known each other. she looked at him and said, you didn't ask me. i am here to ask viriginia, please give us your wrote. we're here to ask. we have problems and we have
9:28 pm
incredible opportunities. we are so much better positioned than any nation in the world to be the leading economy. the greatest military in the world. the greatest political system in the world. we have united our allies for the first time in the last five years. we have made real progress. we have -- companies have hired more workers in october. exports are up. 500,000 new manufacturing jobs. and more kids in college because of the program. we did rescue the automobile industry. saving 1 million jobs, 200,000 new jobs.
9:29 pm
we extended the trust fund and ended the war in iraq and we will end the war in afghanistan. we will create a new manufacturing jobs. 2 million workers at the community colleges at the state and across america for jobs that exist but this skills are locking -- lacking. we will add more math and science teachers. we will cut -- and producing more home grown oil. my wife's students will hear the word insourcing more than outsourcing. we are asking people and we
9:30 pm
could continue to move forward or barack to the politics that got us in this mess in the first place. the differences are stark. we have had four debates. thre president had three and i had one with the congressman. if you saw the last couple of debates you begin to wonder. governor romney and congressman
9:31 pm
ryan seemed to be running away as fast as i can. i am serious. they are like a kid trying to run their shadow at noonday. their shuttle touches up with them when the sun goes down. it is going down toward night for them. it is going down. [applause] did you see that foreign policy debate with the president? guys, i i did not know whether or not he was going to endorse barack or debate him. it was kind of amazing. he went from harshly criticizing us and our 49 allies for sending an end date to turn over responsibility to the afghans because we will not train 350,000 of their military by the end of 2014. he went from saying it was a terrible mistake to he kind of agrees with the timeline. he said, and i asked the same,
9:32 pm
will you guarantee you will be out by 2014 and he used his favorite phrase, it depends. it depends on the weather. it depends on the polls. it depends on how i feel. it depends on how might * a lot to change my position. with everything, this guy, it always depends. the only thing it can be sure of is it will change. i have ever seen a guy teens position -- change position. it is astounding. i tell you what, man. guys, on issues relating
9:33 pm
to women. they cannot, could not bring themselves to climb into the 21st century. they're still stuck between 1956 and 1963. when it comes to women's rights, there is a fundamental distinction among all this in the stage and romney and ryan. i want to be clear to you. barack and i believe that my daughter and his two daughters, my four granddaughters are entitled to every single opportunity my sons and my grandsons have. no exceptions, none! it is that basic. look, in the final weeks of this
9:34 pm
campaign, it is not just theposition on final policy. i have done, my colleagues will agree. this is not your father's republican party. this is not john warner's republican party. this is not mitt romney's father's republican party. they're both decent man. it is such a different value system. they have been running on two planks. the first one is there is a five dillard killion tax cut that is coming that they have been running on. -- $5 trillion tax cut.
9:35 pm
they will raise taxes and -- it does not cost anything. they're not talking about it anymore. when asked to name one solitary exception, they could not name one. the second plank in this new philosophy is the ryan budget. we have to guess. it is in black and white. they passed it. governor romney said it was a marvelous budge. -- budget. "the new york times" when they describe the call that the --
9:36 pm
call it the most extreme budget passed in modern times and now even when i debated ryan, i have a 6-year-old granddaughter. she would say, what happened? did casper the friendly ghost steal it? where did it go? they do not talk about it. they say no. grants. budget that pilell they6-year-old granddaughter.
9:37 pm
walked away from the thing that have been running on and voting on in the case of congressman ryan for the last 14 years. there is an old expression, a leopard cannot change his spots. their policies have not changed. budget that privatizes social security, they took that out of this budget but it will go back to it. that used to be this position. eliminates tax credit and kicks kids out ofas president clintone months ago, their policies are usbush on steroids. that is his phrase. treading regulation, letting banks write their old rules, let wall street run wild. we've seen this movie before. we know how it ends. it ended in the great recession. too much is at stake for the middle class. too much is at stake for the american people. in the final hours, they are adding on top of what they're running away from what they're doing anything they can to confuse the electorate. i have spent a lot ofas presidee months ago, their policies are time in ohio. the cleveland plain dealer said governor romney will say
9:38 pm
whatever he needs to say how much -- no matter how much confusion he must sow to do it. they have gone from the against the automobile bailout in ohio to say they were for it in the first place and they're trying to scare the living devil out of ohio runs -- ohioans. they are running an ad non- stsop. they say what is going to happen is president obama wanted chrysler to go bankrupt so the italians could buy them and send all the jobs to china. i come from a state where the industry has been crushed. we used be the second largest per-capita state in the nation and. those people got crushed.
9:39 pm
just like the people did in ohio. and now at least in ohio, they are coming back. tens of thousands of new jobs. as people are getting toup off their backs, they are getting the devil scared out of them again. not a shred of truth to it. general motors and chrysler have been denouncing the ads is untrue and ally. one is the last time you obscene american corporations go after republican candidates? they're continuing to do it. they are shameless. the detroit post said -- denver post said it best in an editorial. beyond the veracity is a question about character. they went on to say that if they
9:40 pm
speak a difference to the concerns of ohio's working class and is as revealing as backing an ad that leaves and a triple impression. a mom used to have an expression carry it -- expression. your character is not determined by where you see what everyone is looking. your character is determined by what you do and say when no one is looking. said when he he aid thought no one was looking. he said 47% of the people you were raised with are not willing to take responsibility for their lives. where does he live?
9:41 pm
who does he think he is? to characterize half of this nation. the presidential elections are ultimately about character. it is the most important ingredient. president obama has the character of his convictions. he does not engage. he does not mislead. he says what he means, he means what he says, and he does it. we are determined to level the playing field. there is no quit in america and there never has been. folks, i got news. it is never been a good bet
9:42 pm
to bet against the american people. we need you. with your help we will win vvirginia. god bless you all and may god protect our troops. thank you.
9:43 pm
♪ >> amid a campaign rally in
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virginia. the president was in prince
9:49 pm
william county. these are the key counties for democrats and republicans. part of the state that will determine whether or not whether the obama or cromie ticket wins in the commonwealth of virginia. this is continuing coverage the day before the election. our phone lines are open. you can join us on our twitter page. we will have live coverage at 8p:00 p.m. and victory and concession speeches and calls and
9:50 pm
comments. until wednesday morning. the president will spend the night in chicago and is expected to play basketball tomorrow morning. it is an election day tradition. once the returns are certified, and on and gov. mitt romney back on the trail. and back to boston for his campaign appearance and victory or concession speech tomorrow evening or wednesday morning depending on when the election has been called. on your phone calls, robert from san diego. what you expect tomorrow? [inaudible]
9:51 pm
>> what will turn out be in california? >> the turn out will be as it was in 2008. [inaudible] >> we will go to dorothy. >> good evening. i cannot believe how many democrats want to live
9:52 pm
underneath it socialism. i sent him a letter saying he and hillary were tried to take us to socialist communism. i gave him a [inaudible] and they have gotten so far from that. i cannot believe that so many people want to vote for this man under socialism which we will have if he wins. >> we appreciate a call. -- the call. >> the people i spoke with are mostly independents. they are waiting -- our state
9:53 pm
has been between foreign and domestic policy. we have two army bases here. we have been trying to tell [inaudible] not ready to take one side or the other. this will be the deciding vote. >> will you vote? >> it is close i would have to say the president will be reelected. >> why do you say, unfortunately? >> because his diplomatic policy, there is no one like it.
9:54 pm
>> thanks for the call. we are keeping track of the campaigns and the candidate. both president and governor romney is scheduled to speak about the same time. sometimes can it run early or late. we will be joining the president in iowa. and in manchester, new hampshire. we will go to whichever event begins first and you have a chance to see the other event as well on our website, if the president starts first, we will stay with him. and will let you listen to mitt romney's speech in its entirety. if gov. bryant -- governor romney's event starts first, both these speeches will be available on our website.
9:55 pm
carried live as they happen sikkim watch online. we will come back with your comments and questions. and >> the big picture when you're watching the house races on election night is that republicans will hold the house. the one outside of the most optimistic person, nancy pelosi things that have a shot. what are you watching for? >> we will watch for pew he states. -- for a few key states. nan hayworth is a moderate freshman republican. tryining to he's take back that seat.
9:56 pm
it gives democrats to eat away at the seats. joe walsh is the most vulnerable republican freshmen. he had a lot of controversy. he is known for having a temper. he had the child support issue. he is running across -- against a democratic europe, tammy ducouer is -- tammy duckworth. same thing in colorado. you have to watch the berman- sherman race. sherman seemed to almost threatened to throttle berman. watch as well. atc
9:57 pm
it would surprise me if democrats pick up more than 10 seats. they need to pick up even more to get the majority hutu some open seats. right now the internal projection is somewhere around 10. if the democrats get more than 10, is a big night for democrats. they should be happy. if they get single digits, not a bad night. john vietor should not worry about losing the speaker pelosi devil. he should just be worried about some of his freshman, especially those from the suburbs. if you want to watch for other races, some high-profile people, watch the allen rest -- alan west race. and he is a national figure. he gives a lot good controversial quotes. it is a south florida and swing
9:58 pm
district. he is favored to win but it will be tight. and watch michele bachmann's race. survive.anages to the democrats' hit her, they raised a ton of money and they spent millions thinking they cannot knock her off. she is favored to win but is always tight in the democrats would love to take her out. she is still a favorite to win. she can pull millions across the country. that is a great race to watch. she is the headliner so it is good to watch as the have tight races. >> one other point, he talked about michele bachmann's race and more than 100 + debates we covered, we have been re-airing many of the debates. there are available on-line. william is joining us from connecticut.
9:59 pm
our wall for aircraft, what to expect tomorrow? >> i expect to have a tight race. i am expecting obama to regain re-election tomorrow. >> why is that? >> because for some reason when mitt romney started running as a candidate, the things that he was saying i did not like them. i have worked hard 37 years. now i have a bad hip. and you know about-06 security and medicare premium ice and was to do. >> what is were to happen in the race? we're greenback to the republican line. what part the statement -- state is that located in?
10:00 pm
>> you are in the swing area of the swing states. >> yes. >> what have you been seeing on the ground? you're a republican. >> i already voted. i took the early voting. an aborted democrats. >> why did you vote? >> i am in the auto industry. i the auto industry. it is building back up. so that is why i voted democrat again. host: how much activity had been seen around macon for both campaigns? caller: i have seen a lot. host: on our twitter page -- one individual keeping close tabs on all of this is peter hart of the nbc news wall street journal poll. over the last few months, we have been covering a lot of focus groups and reading
10:01 pm
numbers. what are you expecting tomorrow? caller: in very close race. it is great to be vicky. thank you for all of that coverage -- great to be with you. indeed for all of the covers. our final poll came out today for nbc and the wall street journal. what we had is 48% for barack obama and 47% for mitt romney. we can't get it closer than that. to be perfectly honest, this is of likely voters. we interviewed 1496 of those individuals and essentially everything rican look at, everything we can see depends upon turn out. the larger the turn out, with young and hispanic voters, the greater the possibility is for
10:02 pm
barack obama to be successful. is that turnout is light, the greater possibility that mitt romney will succeed. host: we have been talking to people focusing on these numbers. can you explain the methodology in the polling you have been doing and how you take into account democratic voters, republican voters, likely voters and what they did in 2008 to what they might do in 2012? it is not an exact science. a lot of people question where the polling is coming from. caller: the work that we have done, we are now in our 23rd year of doing this. interviews by telephone. 30% are done by cell. those people who have "cell only." that is about what proportion there is. that assures that younger
10:03 pm
people and those were more mobile are also included. the purpose is to give everybody an equal chance of being interviewed. once we get somebody and determine the are a registered voter,w e then -- we then conduct an interview. after we conduct an interview, we ask a series of interviews about likelihood to vote, interest and a vote, passed participation. the look at each of those individuals and by formula, we decide these people are more likely to be likely voters and we end up around 84% of those people that qualify as likely voters. host: as he had been doing these polls, was hurricane sandy is a prize? caller: it certainly was an october surprise. it had an effect on this
10:04 pm
election. what we found from the poll is that about 7 in 10 voters approved the president's handling of the hurricane. that would be republicans and democrats. only about 15% disapproved. unlike the heavy criticism that president bush got for his handling of katrina, this became a very different situation. what has happened here, i think, are a combination of things. people saw the president at work. they saw him essentially being a good steward in a time of serious crisis. they saw the ability for him to reach across the aisle and to work with the republican governor, chris christie, the governor of new jersey. the third thing i think that came out of all of this is the sense that government has a role to play.
10:05 pm
and that in all three of those instances, good policy and good professional work probably was very good politics for the president. having said that, it is important to know that the change we have seen in our own polling from our earlier work is minuscule. it is not as though there has suddenly been a large band wagon to the president's side. giffords been some movement in terms of the jobs rating -- there has been some movement in terms of the jobs rating and how the -- how he is handling the economy. possibly a little pick up in the area of feeling positively about the direction of the nation. all of those things probably have helped the president. it is important to note this is on the margins. we're not talking about something that has swung the
10:06 pm
election and has changed it for evermore. host: based on all of that and what you have seen over the years, a guest today on meet the press, they were saying the president and the obama team has a strong get-out-the-vote organization. that will put them over the top. tonight on the fox news channel, then say that mitt romney has the enthusiasm and that will compel lotus' to the polls. explain the difference between one versus the other. guest: i can only tell you the one doctor i know. the enthusiasm factor. when ed says the republicans have an enthusiasm factor, he is absolutely correct. we have measured this all of your long. republicans have had a much greater interest and intensity in terms of this election. it is not unusual that the out party is more excited and more
10:07 pm
involved and we have seen this before. but the statement by david plouff may be correct but until we see the turnout and know exactly what it is, one cannot really judge how effective is. obviously it needs to be and there is an important thing to note here. the activity by the obama campaign is aimed at what i call the swing states and the purple states. those may help to carry the electoral votes but it may not mean they will carry the popular vote. which is a way of saying that they may turn out there don't -- their vote where they needed to be accessed -- successful and in ohio, wisconsin, etc. but it does not mean that in other states people not have a more moderate democratic turnout in blue states or even in red states where each side has
10:08 pm
conceded to the other that they will win. host: any thought of what that might mean that the president gets reelected based on the electoral college but not the popular vote? guest: it would be unfortunate. it would be better for the nation if we have the winning candidate win both the electoral as well as the popular vote. it just creates a sense of fulfilment within a democracy. i think it was unfortunate in 200 when you had "a split decision" on that. it is much easier for a nation to move forward when they feel we have reached a resolution and the resolution is a fair one, where the next president has both the popular and the electoral vote. host: whether it is ohio, pennsylvania, florida, or
10:09 pm
virginia -- any of those four states. pickett county. -- pick a county. what would you be looking for in any one of those counties in any one of those states? guest: i guess what i would tell you is i would be looking along the northern tier of ohio. that is cayahoga and lucas, lorraine. all that territory to see what the turnout is. if it is large, that will suggest to me that the president is getting the vote out where he needs to get the vote out. i think that will be exceptionally important. i will be also looking in what i call the fox river valley of wisconsin to be able to see if the republican turnout and intensity for mitt romney is there.
10:10 pm
four years ago, it was a good situation for barack obama. if indeed that area is changing and looks more republican, it may give us a lot of indications later in the night in other states about both the enthusiasm and intensity of republican vote. host: is this one of the few elections are you honestly cannot predict what will happen? guest: it certainly is. at this stage of the game, i have read everybody's reports. i have seen everything. the only thing i can tell you is what i know. which is -- it's dead even. it depends upon turnout. the good news is all of your listeners will get to the very late tomorrow night. host: peter hart with the and bert center at the university of pennsylvania, always appreciate your time and expertise. guest: thank you very much.
10:11 pm
host: more of your phone calls. william from covington, indiana. caller: i am an independent and i will vote for obama because every time he tries to get something passed, they always block him and i do not think that is right. host: ticket for the call. if you get through, turn the volume down. let's go to a bill from pennsylvania. democrats lined 3 good evening. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have faith in the american people and it will not tolerate the liar mitt romney's lies about the auto bailouts. he even lied of being a hunter. i mean, give me a break. he has flipped on every social issue there is. on another subject, the
10:12 pm
president is getting blamed for sequestration when it came to a vote, congress republicans voted 84 in favor and 95 democrats voted in favor. so how can you plan the president for that? that was because of the tea party. i have a lot of faith in the american people that tomorrow we will re-elect the president. host: what will turn out be in pennsylvania tomorrow? you also have a senate race getting a lot of attention. caller: the turnout will be strong. i work in the labor community. our polling shows the labor is solid with senator casey.
10:13 pm
he has been endorsed by the united mineworkers. he is doing a great job. i work in a defense facility and we have some issues on funding and senator casey was there immediately. he got sherrod brown involved and that bipartisan support to get funding for our program -- and got bipartisan support to get funding for our program. we are real happy with him. i feel he will be reelected. he was overwhelmed by spending but he has a good reputation and i think he will get it done. host: thanks for the call. if you are just 20 -- and in, we are awaiting live coverage of both of the president and mitt romney, their final campaign
10:14 pm
appearances. the president will be wrapping things up in des moines, iowa. joined by bruce springsteen and first lady michelle obama. this is what the scene looks like in downtown des moines. governor romney will be joined by his wife for his campaign appearances in what was scheduled to be the final event but he would not be on the campaign trail tomorrow at the cleveland and pittsburgh. rock hill, south carolina. dale, republican line. caller: hi. i just want to scratch -- congratulate president romney. my daughter graduated from college. she was 4.0 in business administration. she cannot find a job. if the people would just look at mbers and the record, i do not know how anyone
10:15 pm
can talk about putting barack obama back in there for a second term. people say governor romney has light -- has lied, i followed this race from the debates when he was a candidate. he stuck to his guns. one thing that really swayed me was when his wife said that when he was talking about running and she looked at him and said, can he still fix this? and he said yes. i think governor romney is a winner. there is nothing wrong with being rich. i think he has helped a lot of people with his wealth. i just wanted to comment on that. host: thank you for the call. the new hampshire is to the politics, one of the people we have checked in with to find out what it will be looking for
10:16 pm
tomorrow evening. here's what he had to say. guest: i will look at the cities of nashua and areas along the border of massachusetts. i will also look at towns such as rochester. one interesting thing about election night, governor romney has announced he will be here the day before election. another president did that as well. another candidate for president did and that was john f. kennedy. he came to new hampshire before coming down to cape cod to wait for returns, which as we all know did not come through that very evening in 1960. host: howe as governor romney doing with the economy in new hampshire? guest: it is a bit tricky if your main message nationwide is the economy and new hampshire's economy and the unemployment rate is so low.
10:17 pm
one issue the democrats have been using both of the presidential election and in our gubernatorial races is the issue of abortion. that has been something that has been highly significant in the advertising that i have seen on the new hampshire television. one thing that is interesting being in a swing state if you're watching nationwide and you're not in a swing state is that if you turn on the television or the radio, it is all advertising. if you are local auto dealer try to sell your cars, you really have a hard time getting here ads in at this point. so you'll see a positive ad the president than in- ad against the a president. againstd for governor romney, -- positive ad for governor romney than an - 1.
10:18 pm
it can get very confusing. i am sure voters are confused at this point to some degree. host: when you look a party registration in new hampshire, republicans, 32%. democrats, 28% during the undeclared voters in new hampshire makes up 40% of registered voters. how are these candidates appealing to that 40%? guest: that is what you're looking at a few days before election if he or a candidate. there are 310,000 of them in hampshire. many political scientists believe the claim to be undeclared at the local ballot but when they go to a vote that they traditionally lean one way or another. but you are trying to talk to these undeclared and voters who are swinging back and forth. one interesting thing here in new hampshire, we have to
10:19 pm
congressman. the first and second congressional district. the second congressional district leans democrat and is currently held by congressman bass, a republican. that district is something i will be watching for. is a cityoned nashua where candidates have been pouring into and circuits. host: those two congressional races in new hampshire, the governor's race, some of what we will be following tomorrow evening. all of the results available on our website. in my view at the white house. on to your phone calls. jennifer from indiana. independent. good evening. caller: i want to encourage all the people that are sick of politics to get out there and vote. and vote for independents so
10:20 pm
we can get a voice not represented by a clutch of corporations that are determining our lives. host: what are you looking for tomorrow? you have a senate race in indiana and of course the presidential race. caller: i hope murdoch does not win. and i am fairly confident that president obama will win, even though where i am, it is not popular to support president obama. i think that is better than what they could get. i am really concerned about climate as much as i am economy and about our future. and energy resources. host: it would go to of
10:21 pm
ohio. cynthia on the line for republicans. caller: good evening. i wanted to say i. encourage people to i hear a lot people are unhappy with both parties. they need to vote anyways. i am concerned obama will take the election this year. i did not vote for him in the last election. i believe mitt romney has ruined his reputation here in ohio because of the auto industry. and the influence he had on that. obama, he is always on vacation. i did not like that. host: who did you vote for? caller: i voted for mccain in the last election. this election i am voting for romney. obama, he has been irresponsible with his spending. i did not like his attitude towards our military. i think we should be second to none.
10:22 pm
i just believe that they both like and they are much slingers but we have to go with what, the better of two evils. i did not believe obama has been leading us in the right direction. the lady that said you're heading towards socialism, if we get him in there, i also believe that obama will have the black and hispanic vote and that is maybe what will get him in. host: herb from cleveland, ohio. democrats. had he voted already? guest: i voted in long time ago. host: what are you looking for tomorrow? caller: i go my intuition and look at the facts. sometimes the fact of the overwhelming.
10:23 pm
there is a lot of unspoken things they see on how the both react. you see obama wanted to help a lot of people. ec romney -- you see romney wants to help a certain group of people. even in 2008, a lot of republicans voted democratic because it is common sense. you want to help everybody. host: seth mcglocland joins us live on the phone. the romney has landed minutes ago. tickets for being with us. -- thank you for being with us. walk us through your day. what has it been like for you covering and drilling mitt romney on this day before the election? guest: he has been running at a
10:24 pm
breakneck pace today. he started in florida with an event at an airport there and bounced to lynchburg, virginia. he had another event in virginia right after that. from there, we flew to columbus, ohio, where we had a giant rally. the other route was that -- the other rally was a in fairfax, virginia. from there, he landed in new hampshire. this was supposed to be the grand hurrah of the campaign. butt hey did a -- but they did add two more events to mark. so he will pick up small and vote in -- and vote then we
10:25 pm
will head to cleveland and pittsburgh where i believe there will be small campaign stops. maybe a chance for him to get caught on camera doing some stuff, keep him alive for a few more hours. then he will fly back here to the boston area where he will have an election night party. host: what is the reasoning behind his campaign appearances? typically it takes away from the get out of the vote effort. there is early voting in ohio but that is not the case in pennsylvania. these were added at the last minute. the white house saying the president will stay in chicago. no public appearances tomorrow until the speech in the evening. guest: i talked to the fact that the race is so tight. the factk it up to
10:26 pm
that the race is so tight. romney has little room for error. he needs to win this thing. it is pretty tight in ohio is one of the state's where if he does not win, things really tightened up for him and he has to figure out another path. i am guessing he would not do it if you can eat -- if it hurt you. who knows. maybe we will get the reasoning next week depending on whether he wins or loses. host: give us a sense of what you're hearing and what the romney campaign staffers are telling you. what are you feeling, a campaign? -- feeling from the campaign? guest: they exit confidence. i think -- they exude
10:27 pm
confidence. i think at this point they should be because they are in it. that is where you want to be. whether it is real confidence, i do not know. but they definitely spin it in that way. governor romney has not changed how he looks and acts. he is plugging away. they will remain confident until they win or if they lose. host: to the crowd to you anything at all? they covered him last night in pennsylvania. 10,000 people. guest: i was at both of those. big crowd. lots of energy. same thing today at george mason. they had 8000 which i think was capacity and then they had 3000
10:28 pm
overflow outside. people were pumped up. became off the buses and people were hollering -- we came off the buses and people were hollering. i think that is a testament to northern virginia and the fact that it is so politically hyper align their -- aligned there. them have this other event today at the jet tanker -- jet hangar and it was deafening. the noise reverberates a little bit and they were definitely pumped up. he made a little bit extra pumped up by actually driving the nose of the plane in the event and then walking off the plane with his wife. it was a little comical because they drove it in once and then had to back it up.
10:29 pm
so for a second i was thinking it look like a woody allen movie. host: we will see work, and tomorrow morning. thank you so much for being with us. on the phone live from manchester, new hampshire. we will continue with more phone calls. we are awaiting live coverage of both of the president and governor romney. they are both scheduled to start at about the same time. if it happens on time. we will go to whichever candidate comes out first and you have a chance to watch the other candidates on our web site at when candid it has finished, will open our phone lines and then turn around to the other speech. we will find out when you find out which one they go to first. more of your phone calls. from richmond, virginia, and dependent. -- independent. joe heck, please. -- go ahead, please.
10:30 pm
caller: hello. thank you for allowing me to have a voice tonight. i am going to vote for obama because i feel as though he is more moving this country forward. he inherited a problem and although we are moving slowly, we are moving forward. everytime i see governor romney, i just feel as though he tried to sell us something. he is a great motivational speaker but he is not too presidential. so i'd just wanted to say that i am going to vote for obama and i hope the rest of the country does as well. i will show my support and hopefully we will get a good turnout in this country will continue to move forward. host: thank you for the call. this is a scene in des moines, iowa. traveling with the president is singer bruce springsteen.
10:31 pm
he is expected to warm up the audience. let's listen in for the moment. ♪ ♪
10:32 pm
10:33 pm
10:34 pm
>> thank you. i am glad to be here tonight. president obama. i want to begin with a shutout
10:35 pm
to neighbors back in the northeast. we were hit so hard by hurricane center. our thoughts and prayers are with you. -- by hurricane sandy. our thoughts and prayers are with you. ithis is the promised land. ♪
10:36 pm
10:37 pm
10:38 pm
[song: the promised land] ♪ blow away the dreams that break your heart blow away the lies that yoleave you lost and broken hearted
10:39 pm
>> thank you. i campaigned with president
10:40 pm
obama four years ago. and since then, it does kind of felt like we are but these are something. -- we are buddies are something, you know. occasionally the phone rings late at night and i pick it up and i hear -- let's stay together. whether times are good or bad, per se said. -- happy or said. mr. president? yes. it happens ever so often. middle of the night. not asking me about foreign- policy, i think he has a musical aspirations.
10:41 pm
which is what i am hoping we have four more years of the president. i think he's trying to compete, to be honest with you. [laughter] after the first debate, i figured -- the phone rings, 2am after the first debate. satisfaction.t mr. president? and uh -- another week or so later after the second debate, i 'mt a 4:00 a.m. version of "i sexy and i know it." then he, about three weeks ago. bruce? bruce? we need a campaign song.
10:42 pm
i said ok, what do you have in mind? well let's start with our campaign slogan. i said well, what else do you want in it? obama. okay, rhode island. so this was a work in progress -- okay. alright. so this was a work in progress. i have refined it. it is finally finished. and the election is sealed with this song is played. -- once this song is played. if the swing states are swinging, they will tilt right over into the obama colom once they hear this song. this was not easy to write. i will explain this as we go.
10:43 pm
i kicked your sister, then i kissed your mama. let's vote for the man that got osama. and away we go. ♪ i am warning you, that is the best verse. i had a problem already because there are not that many things that rhyme with obama. so i said -- well i came to iowa looking for a date, we kiss and i said it is a of a state. we made love but it wasn't so great -- forward and away we go.
10:44 pm
♪ i got one more verse. and i am thinking what can i write about? i need a good finish. ok, i will write about the debates. so -- i started. the first debate -- actually, it really freaked me out. [laughter] but then romney got schooled by obama. smiling joe biden brought the drama. fox news said he was smoking marijuana. forward and away we go. forward and away we go. ♪
10:45 pm
that's it. [applause] >> election sealed! that's it, finished, last word. [laughter] i am here today for iowa. for america. and for president obama. for the last 30 years, i have been writing about the distance between the american dream and american reality. i have seen it from the inside and from the outside. i grew up as a blue-collar kid. my parents struggle. often unsuccessfully tried to make ends meet. i have seen it as an adult, visiting the ninth ward after katrina in new orleans.
10:46 pm
meeting folks at food pantries of all among the united states who work daily to help our struggling citizens through the hard times we have been suffering. the american dream and an american reality. i vote tomorrow -- our book tomorrow is the one way we get to determine the distance in that equation. tomorrow we get a personal hand in shaping the kind of america what our kids to grow up in. i am a husband and a dad. lovely wife is here with me. we got three kids, grown-up, going out into the world. i'm 63. patty is much younger. but we both lived through some galvanizing moment in american history. we lived through the civil- rights movement. the peace movement. the women's movement.
10:47 pm
the plate in east berlin. one year before the fall of the berlin wall. amnesty international a year before the release of mandela and the end of apartheid. you could feel the world shifting beneath your feet. we both remember another galvanizing moment -- the night that president obama was elected. [applause] remember sitting on my couch. my job for 30 years has been -- what i do for a living is i imagine america. i remember sitting there thinking this is who we can be. it was an evening when the hope of your heart felt fulfilled and
10:48 pm
when you could feel the locked doors of the past been blown open. to new and previously unimaginable possibilities. today we have another battle. we are charged with a heart, a daily struggle to make this a possibility and those changes real and enduring. and a world that challenges and the world that is often brutally resistant to change. we have lived through that struggle over the past four years and the fortunes of our opposition has been tireless. i stood with president obama four years ago and i am proud to be standing with him tonight because i am thankful for the historic advances in health care. i am thankful for a more regulated wall street that will begin to protect our citizens from the blind greed of those who overreach.
10:49 pm
my dad worked on the fourth assembly line when i was a kid. -- on the floor of the assembly line when i was a kid. i am glad that general motors is today making cars. what else would i write about? i think we have a decisive president working hard to keep america safe and i am appreciative of the fact that as promised, he has ended the war in iraq and is bringing the war in afghanistan to a close. [applause] i am here today because i am concerned about women's rights and health issues. both at home and around the world. i do not have to take about the danger of roe versus wade under our opponents policies. i am also troubled by the third years of increasing disparity in wealth between our best off
10:50 pm
citizens and everyday americans. that is a disparity that threatens to divide us and we have to be better than that. finally, i am here today because i have lived long enough to know that the future -- it is really a tight rushing in. it is often a slow march, inch by inch, day after painful long day. we are in the midst of one of those long days right now. i believe the president obama feels those days in his bones for all 100% of americans. he will live those days with us. president obama last time ran as a man of hope and change and you hear a lot of talk about how things are different now.
10:51 pm
things are realer. it is crunch time now. the president's job, our job, whether you are a republican, democrat, independent, rich, poor, black, white, black -- brown, gay, straight, the goal is to keep the hope alive and to combat the cynicism and apathy. to change our lives in the country in the world that we live in. befores is the night ebfor the day. and tomorrow is the day. we are going to go to work tomorrow and we are going to go to work the day after that and the day after that. when the work really counts. to's reelect president obama carry our standard forward
10:52 pm
towards the america that lives in our hearts. god bless. this is called land of hope and dreams. ♪ grab your ticket and your suitcase. under is rolling down. you don't know where you're going now. but you know you will not be back. if you are weary, lay your head up, chest. we will take what we can carry.
10:53 pm
and we will leave the rest. ♪ we live in a land of hope and dreams. ♪ i will stem virucide. you will need a good companion now -- i will stand by your side. you need a good companion now. tomorrow there'll be sunshine.
10:54 pm
and all this darkness pass. where big wheels roll and field s where sunlight streams meet me in a land of hope and dreams. ♪ this train carries saints and sinner this train carries whores and gamblers this train carries lost sould s
10:55 pm
this train carries -- all aboard dreams will not be thwarted faith will be rewarded this train rebels of freedom reign. -- bells of freedom ringing. ♪ in a land of hope and dreams meet me in a land of hope and dreams ♪
10:56 pm
god bles you. get out and vote tomorrow. let's reelect president obama. the firstto introduce lady of the united states, michelle obama. ♪
10:57 pm
♪ >> oh my goodness. crowd: we love michelle. >> thank you, guys. thanks so much. wow. and i love you. i love you from the bottom of my heart. i am beyond thrilled to be here with all of you. but we have to give some of upper -- some love up for bruce springsteen. months, i have heard his
10:58 pm
songs play at our rallies but there is nothing like seeing the boss in persons. he has just been tremendous, he and his family and his team. they had been an amazing. we want to thank bruce for everything he has done for us and more than anything else, i want to take the offer being here tonight. as you know, this is an emotional time for us. this is the final event of my husband's final campaign. so this is the last time that he and i will be on stage together at a campaign rally. and that is why we wanted to come here to iowa tonight. [applause] because to lead this is where it all began. right here.
10:59 pm
i have some undefined memories of this state. -- so many fine memories of this state. celebrating malia's birthday. and see my husband's face carved in butter. believe me, and we still talk about that at christmas. but i will never forget the kindness and warmth and love that you all showed me and my family, especially our growth. -- especially our girls. that is truly what made the difference back in the early days when i was not sure about this whole process. back when i was still wondering what it would be for our girls if barack got the chance to serve as president. while i have my worries and fears, i also realize this decision affected not only me as
11:00 pm
a wife and mother but as a voter, as an american. i started envisioning the kind of person that i wanted to lead our country. i knew that i wanted the president a steady character, i wanted a president who was smart. i wanted someone we could trust , someone who owled always tell tuss truth even when it's hard. and i wanted a president driven not by politics or which way the wind is blowing but by the struggles, hopes and dreams of all americans. [applause] and the more i thought about it, the more i knew in my heart that i was describing barack.
11:01 pm
i knew he could be that president. and for four years that's exactly what he's done. he has stayed true to himself and with your help, he's worked day after day to make this country better, to move it forward. he's rescued our economy from the brink of collapse, saved the auto industry. [applause] he's passed historic health reform. [applause] ended the war in iraq. he's fought so women get equal pay and students can afford college. [applause] he's fought for our seniors so they can retire with dignity and our veterans so they can get the benefits they earned
11:02 pm
and the respect they earned. for four years barack has been fighting to give every single one of us a fair shot at that great american dream, no matter what we look like or where we come from or who we love. [applause] and for four years, we have all seen what i've seen for the past 23 years. we've seen a man of honor and integrity who knows what he believes and stays true to his values. i'm so proud of my husband. we have seen an honest man who knows the facts and always gist it to us straight. we've seen a man whose strength and resolve to build a better tomorrow has never waivered, never. and that's why i am so thrilled to be here in iowa tonight.
11:03 pm
because long before most people even knew his name, you all saw what i saw. so you did all this crazy stuff. you showed up at campaign offices here in des moines and offices all over the state. more importantly, you opened your homes, you held caucus training, you marched with us at the jefferson jackson dinner. and then on a cold january night, you stood up for barack because you knew that he would stand up for you. and over these past four years, our family has been truly blessed, truly blessed by all of the love and support and priors that we have received from -- prayers from every
11:04 pm
corner of this country. and barack has been blessed to have all of you by his side to bring that change we can believe in. it is an honor and a privilege to serve this nation, just know that. and tomorrow we get the chance to finish what we started here in iowa. [applause] tomorrow all across this state, all across this country we will line up and vote in libraries and community centers and school gyms. we're going to knock on doors until our fingers are numb, we're going to make callsing in our voices are horse. and we won't stop until every last vote is counted. and we will do it because while we have come so far, we know
11:05 pm
there is so much more to do. and what we really truly know is we cannot turn back now. we need to keep moving this country forward. [applause] so that means that we need to re-elect the man who has been fighting for us every single day, my husband, the love of my life, the president of the united states barack obama. [applause]
11:06 pm
>> hello iowa.
11:07 pm
[applause] tomorrow, tomorrow iowa. tomorrow from the new hampshire to colorado, from the coast lines of florida to virginia's rolling hills, from the valleys of ohio to these iowa fields, we will keep america moving forward. [applause] i've come back to iowa one more time to ask for your vote. i came back to ask you to help us finish what we've started because this is where our movement for change began, right here, right here, right
11:08 pm
behind these bleachers is the building that was home to our iowa headquarters in 2008. [applause] i was just inside and it brought back a whole lot of memories. this is where some of the first young people who joined our campaign set up shop. willing to work for little pay and less sleep because they believed that people who love their country can change it. this was where so many of you who shared that belief came to help. when the heat didn't work for the first week or so, some of you brought hats and goves for the staff. these poor kids, they weren't prepared. when the walls inside were barry, one of you painted a mural to lift everybody's spirits.
11:09 pm
when we had a state march, when we had a dinner to fire up. you brought your neighbors and you made homemade signs. when we had work to do you showed up after work already tired but staying lite any way into the nathe and you welcomed me and michelle into your homes and you picked us up when we needed a lift and your faces gave me new hope for this country's future. and your stories gave me resolve to fight for you every single day i set foot in the oval office. you inspired us. i want to take this opportunity to say one thing to all the young people and not so young people who have given so much to this campaign over the
11:10 pm
years, those of you haven't done this for me but for each other, for a laid off family member or a sick child or a fallen friend. i want to thank you. you took this campaign and you made it your own and you organized yourself, block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood, county by county starting a movement that spread across the country, a movement made up of young and old rich and poor black and white gay straight democrats, republicans who believe we've all got something to contribute. and we all deserve a shot at our own american dream. and when the sen nicks said we couldn't, you said yes, we can. [applause] you said yes we can and we did. against all odds, we did.
11:11 pm
we didn't know what challenges would become when we began this journey. we didn't know how deep the crisis would turn out. but we knew we would get through those challenge it is same way this nation always has, with that determined american spirit that says no matter how bad the storm gets, no matter how tough times are, we're all in this together. we rise or fall as one nation and as one people. [applause] that's the spirit that cared us through the trials and tribulations of the last four years. in 2008 we were in the middle of two wars and the greatest economic depression and today we've created five million new jobs jobs. the auto industry is back, home prices or on the rice, we're
11:12 pm
less dependent on foreign oil, we've doubled energy because of the sacrifices of brave men and women in uniform, the tpwhar afghanistan is over, the war in iraq is ending, bin laden is dead. we've made real progress these past four years. but iowa we're here tonight because we've got more work to dofment we're not done yet on this journey. we've got more road to travel. as long as there is a single american that wants a job and can't find one, as long as there are families working harder but still falling behind, as long as there is a child anywhere in this country in poverty, barred from opportunity, our work isn't done, our fight for change goes
11:13 pm
on. because we know this nation cannot succeed without a growing thriving middle class and lad ders for everybody who is willing to work to get into that middle class. our work goes on because america -- everybody place by the same rules, the people of iowa understand that. that's what we believe. that's why you elected me no 2008 and iowa that's why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states. [applause] now the choice you make
11:14 pm
tomorrow, and you understand this, you guys pay attention, the choice you make is not just between two candidates or parties, it's a choice between two different visions of america, who we are, who we believe, what we care about. it's the choice between going back to the top down policies that caused the mess we've been fighting our way out of or moving to a future that's built on a strong and growing middle class. and iowa you know me as well as anybody. ufe seen a lot of me these last six years. you know what, you may not agree with every decision i've made, michelle doesn't. there may be times where you've been fruss straited at the pace of change, i promise so have i. but you know what i believe. you know write stand.
11:15 pm
you know i tell the truth. you know i'll fight for you and your families every single day as hard as i know how. [applause] and that's why when we talk about change, we know what real change looks like because we fought for it. we've got the scars to prove it. i've got the gray hair to show it. i wasn't this gray when i first showed up in iowa. sometimes it's been hard. sometimes it's been frustrating. we understand that. but what we also know is that when we decide to make a difference, when americans come together determined to bring about change, nobody can stop us. we cannot be stopped. and after all we've been
11:16 pm
through together, after all we've fought through together, we cannot give up on change now. [applause] we know what real change looks like. change is a country where every american has a shot at a great education, where we recruit new teachers, train new workers, bring down tuition so non-in this country is fors to give up a college education. change comes when we live up to this country's invasion in manufacturing instead of subsidizing oil company provets, i want to support energy jobs of tomorrow. and iowa knows about that will free this country from the grip of foreign oil. i don't want to reward companies for creating jobs
11:17 pm
over's, i want to reward companies for creating jobs right here in america. change is turning the page on a decade of war so we can do some nation building here at home, repairing our roads and bridges, maging our schools state of the art, putting our veterans back to work because nobody fights for this country's freedom should have to fight for a job when they come home. that's what we're fighting for. . we're not done. change is a future where we reduce our deficit where we ask the wealthiest americans to pay the tax rates they paid when bill clinton was in office. we'll cut out spending we don't need. but as long as i'm in office we're not going to turn medicare into a voucher program. we're not going to kick a kid
11:18 pm
off head start to pay for a millionaire's tax cuts. because our budget reflects our priorities and values. and we know what our future requires. we know what real change is. you helped teach me that here in iowa. and you know we also know that change isn't easy. remember a lot of you showed up to town hall meetings back in 2007 and 2008 and i used to talk about change and i also said and i'm not talking about changing presidents, i'm not talking about changing parties, i'm talking about changing our politics. i told you i ran because your voices had been shut out of our democracy for way too long by special interest and politicians who will do whatever it takes to keep things just the way they are. and we've seen over the last
11:19 pm
four years the status quo in washington they are powerful and they have fought us every step of the way. when we tried and succeeded in reforming our healthcare system, they spent millions trying to stop us. when we tried and succeeded in reforming wall street, they spent millions to push us back and we kept ongoing. but those were tough fights. and what the protect tors of the status quo in washington are counting on now is that you'll get worn down by all the squabbling, you'll get fed up with the dysfunction, you'll give up on the change we fought for, you'll walk away and leave them to make decisions that affect every american. in other words, their bet is on cynicism. but iowa you taught me to bet on you. you taught me to bet on hope.
11:20 pm
i'll work with anybody of any party to move this country forward. and if you want to break the gridlock in congress you'll vote for leaders who feel the same way. the same kind of leaders you've always had. but there are some principles you got to fight for. there are times where you've got to take a stand. the price of peace in washington is cutting deals to kick students off financial aid or funding for planned parenthood or let insurance companies discriminate against people with preexisting conditions, i won't pay that
11:21 pm
price. that's not a deal i will make. that's not bipartisan ship. that's not change. that's vender to the same forces of status quo that have squeezed middle class families for way too long. and iowa i'm not ready to give up on the fight. i've got a lot more fight left in me. [applause] but to wage that fight on behalf of american families, i need you to still have some fight in you too. [applause] you know the folks at the top of this country turns out they don't need another champion in washington. they'll always have a seat at the table. they'll always have access and influence. the people who need a champion
11:22 pm
are the americans whose letters i read late at night after a long day in the office. the men and women i meet on the campaign trail every day, the laid off worker who is retraining at age 55 for a new career at a community college, she needs a champion. the restaurant owner who needs a loan to expand, has great food but the bank turned him down, he needs help, he needs a champion. the cooks and cleaners and waiting staff working over time at a hotel trying to save enough to buy a first home or send their kid to college, they need a champion. the auto worker who was laid off at the plant thought would never reopen is back on the job with pride and dignity building a great car, building america, he needs a champion. the teacher in on overcrowded
11:23 pm
classroom with outdated books digging in her own pocket to buy school supplies, not always feeling like she's got the support she needs but showing up every day because she knows she makes a difference in one child's life. she needs a champion. all those kids in inner cities, small farm towns, kits dreaming of becoming scientists or doctors or even a president, they need a champion in washington because the future will never have as many lobyist as the status quo. children don't have lob bisist but it's the dreams of those children that will be the
11:24 pm
saving grace. that's what we fight for. i need you iowa to make sure their voices are heard, to make sure your voices are heard. that's why we've come too far to turn back now. we've come too far to let our hearts grow faint. bring back our troops and make sure no matter who you are or where you come from or how you started out, what you looked like, who you love, what your last name s here in america you can make it if you try, that's what we're fighting for.
11:25 pm
iowa after all the months of campaigning, after all the rallies and millions of dollars of ads, it all comes down to you. it's out of my hands now. it's in yours. all of it depends on what you do when you step into that voting booth tomorrow. it's just a remarkable thing the way our democracy works. and at a certain point all this effort and all these campaign rallies and then it just comes down to each of us as citizens. all of it depends on you bringing your friend or neighbor or co-worker, your mom or dad or wife or husband to the polls. that's how our democracy is supposed to be. the single most powerful force in our democracy is you moving
11:26 pm
this country forward begins with you. don't ever let anybody tell you your vote doesn't matter. don't let anybody tell you your voice can't make a difference. it's makes a difference. i got a powerful reminder of this on our last campaign. folks in iowa i know you may have heard this story but it was really in the primaries. we were still way down in the polls and i think this office had just goten the heat turned on and at the time i was still competed in south carolina. it was one of the early primary states and i wanted the endorsement of a state representative down . there i met her at a function. nobody knew me or could pronounce my name. they were wondering what is he thinking. i asked her for an endorsement. she said i will give you my
11:27 pm
endorsement if you come to my hometown of green wood south carolina. and i think i had a little bit of wine during dinner because right away i said okay. so it was about a month later and i'm traveling back to south carolina and we flew in late. we had been campaigning non-stop traveling all through towns and having town hall meetings and shaking hands and in between i'm making phone calls and asking people for support. so we land in south carolina about midnight and get to the hotel about 1:00 in the morning. i'm wiped out exhausted. we had been flige and the ack indication dations were a little different. and just as i'm about to walk into the room one of my staff tapped me on the shoulder and said excuse me, i was a senator back then. we're going to have to wake up and be on the road at 6:30 in
11:28 pm
the morning. i said what, why? well, you made this promise to go to greenwood and it's several hours away. and you know iowa i try to keep my promises so a few hours later i wake up and i'm feeling terrible, i think a cold is coming on and i open up the curtains to get light to wake me up but it's pouring down rain, terrible storm. i get some coffee and there is a bad story about me in the "new york times." i was much more sensitive to bad stories then. and finally i get dressed and go downstairs and i'm walking out to the car and my umbrella blows open and i'm soaked. so by the time i get in the car i'm wet and mad and still kind
11:29 pm
of sleepy and it turns out that greenwood is several hours away from every place else. so we drive and we drive and we drive. and we drive and finally we get to greenwood although you don't know you're in greenwood right away because there are not a lot of tall buildings around. we pull up to a small field house and i walk in and i don't hear a lot going on and the state representative said she was going to organize a meeting for us. and we walk in and there are about 20 people there. and we walk in and they're not excited to see me. i walk in and shake hands and say nice to meet you. and suddenly i hear this voice cry out behind me fire up. and i'm startled and i don't know what's going on but
11:30 pm
everybody in the room acts like this is normal. and when the voice says fire fired up they all say ready to go. so once again i hear fired up and they say ready to go. i look around and there is this small woman about 60 years old, looks like she just came from church and she's grinning smiling, looking happy. turns out she's a city councilwoman from greenwood who moon lights as a private detectivive. this is true. and it turns out she's famous throughout the area when she goes to football games and when she goes to rallies and community events she does this chant of hearse. she does it wherever she goes. so for the next few minutes she just keeps on saying fired up.
11:31 pm
and everybody says fired up and she said ready to go and everybody says ready to government and i'm thinking this woman is showing me up. this is my meeting, i'm running for president and she's dominating the room. and i look at my staff and they just slug their shoulders, they don't know what to do. this goes on for a few minutes. here's the thing iowa after a few minutes, i'm feeling kind of fired up. i'm feeling like i'm ready to go. so i start joining in the chant, my staff starts joining in the chant. suddenly i feel pretty good. and we go on to talk about the lives of the people in the room and their families and their struggles and hopes for their kids and grandkids. and we drive out and it's still
11:32 pm
raining but it doesn't seem so bad and we go to our next stop and for the rest of the day even after we left greenwood, even though we weren't getting big crowds any place. even though people couldn't pronounce my name, i felt good. i'd see my staff and i'd say are you fired up and they'd say we're fired up. and i'd say are you ready to go? and they'd say we're ready to go. and we brought that to iowa and during our rallies this became a chant. we'd have signs saying fired up, ready to government the woman became a celebrity and she was written up in the wall street journal. and folks did news stories on her. and this became one of the anthems of our campaign back in 2008. here's the end of the story
11:33 pm
though. we knew we were coming back to des moines for the last campaign rally i'll ever do for me. and so we were getting kind of sent mental and we called her up. and we said why don't you come on up. listen to this. we said why don't you come on up, we'll fly you up from south carolina and you can do this chant one more time just for old good time sake, like getting the band back together again. and you know what she said? she said i'd love to see i can't, but i think we can still win north carolina so i'm taking a crew into north carolina to knock on doors on election day. i don't have time just to be
11:34 pm
talking about it. i've got to knock on some doors. i've depot to turn out the vote -- got to turn out the vote. i'm still fired up but i have work to do. and that shows you what one voice can do. one voice can change the room. and if it can change a room, it can change a city. and if it can change a city, it can change a state. and if it can change a state, it can change a nation. and if it can change a nation, it can change the world. and iowa in 2008, your voice changed the world and ms. childs squd me if you're willing to stand with me tomorrow, if you're willing to
11:35 pm
get your friend and neighbors and co-workers to the polls tomorrow, if you're willing to make sure we finish what we started. she's pretty sure we'll win iowa. she's pretty sure we'll win this election. and she just had one question for you and that is are you fired up? are you fired up? [applause] ? are you fired up? iowa, tomorrow let's remind the world just why it is united states of america is the greatest nation of earth. i love you. let's go vote. let's keep moving forward. god bless you and god bless the united states of america. ♪
11:36 pm
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>> on this election eve c-span's coverage continues in iowa the final campaign appearance by the president. back with his final campaign rally before heading to chicago
11:40 pm
where heel spend the day there tomorrow. and then speak to sporse in downtown chicago. we'll continue to watch the seeb in des moines. our phone lines are open. coming up shortly you'll be able to see mitt romney's speech in new hampshire. host: we go to our line for democrats. good evening. caller: hello. good evening. host: on this election eve, what do you expect tomorrow as you watch the president in des moines? caller: yes, sir, i just did. i'm calling from california. host: go ahead with your thoughts. caller: i was just going to say during the clinton administration the country was
11:41 pm
doing perfectly well and why are we changing now when obama is trying to push back in? host: from houston texas. caller: high. i was a lifetime republican who voted a straight democratic ticket. and the reason i did so is because something that the media has never covered is mitt romney's lack of military service. and i think from a family he has lost over 60 votes, republican votes of three generations in my family because of his lack of military service. also the issues with women. i cannot good in -- in good conscience work for my party --
11:42 pm
host: these are live scenes, mitt romney speaking we're going sto to the give you a chance to watch his speech in the next tight ten minutes. this is a scene from new hampshire. good evening. caller: good evening. host: what is going to happen tomorrow, david? caller: i'm decided voter retired from the political arena. i've never seen politics so divided in my life. when i was working there you could not get away with as many slips as i've seen -- flip flops i've seen romney do. there are some things obama hasn't done.
11:43 pm
some of the things romney and ryan plan on cutting definitely will affect my wife and i so -- host: so who are you going to vote for or have you cast your ballot in north carolina 1234 caller: i haven't cast my ballot yet. i'm leaning obama. it's just romney is all over the place. he's not consistent on one given thing. two years ago he said something different. now he's trying to go right down the middle. i'll give any politician the benefit of the doubt if you tell me exactly where you're coming from but if you cannot explain to me the difference in your views last month compared to this year, you're just telling me anything i'd like to hear. host: we're going to continue with joy from des moines on the republican line. you're on the air.
11:44 pm
we'll go to lynn from richmond, virginia. good evening. caller: i am excited about moving forward. i am a die hard democrat. i'm looking forward to moving forward because i have a 23-year-old and a 24-year-old child -- still children to me because i'm their mom. they don't have insurance and i'm looking to see what obama brings for obama care. host: these are live pictures in new hampshire. it's ironic tonight is president in iowa and mitt romney in new hampshire. you'll have a chance to see governor romney's speech
11:45 pm
nitssbeerty. thanks for being with us on c-span. give us a sense of what the mood is like and what you're sensing this evening? caller: it's cold here first of all. it's huge. it's so enthusiastic. the official crowd count was 20,000 and i believe that. if you talk to people there is a lot of people excited. also if you talk to people here as true all over the country it's not the same kind of enthusiasm you saw in 2008. it's a more tempered support, a belief in a president who has been through a tough time but
11:46 pm
they're sticking with him. host: aws talk to obama campaign staffers and read the body language what is your sense on this evening? caller: my take away on that is they think they're going to win or they're good at pretending to think they're going to win. we talked this morning with president obama high command and they said they were feeling confident about all the states that obama visited today, that was wisconsin, iowa and ohio sort of a midwestern spiral if he wins those states then barring something unexpected the second term will be his. they think they have a fighting chance in florida where romney is a bit ahead. doesn't seem they are confident in north carolina.
11:47 pm
that raise hasn't been a blow out in the polls but obama hasn't been back there since his convention in september. but they say they are confident and the reason they have a confidence and the thing they've been telling us for over a year now is they have many past victory in the electoral college. they have a lot of different combinations that will get them the electoral votes they need where romney has a nutch more narrow path so on that alone they are feeling pretty good. host: what about romney traveling back to ohio on the election day, do they read anything into that? guest: they view that as a hail mayor pass. so they say that they are being caution at the same time they
11:48 pm
don't think they face a real threat in pennsylvania. ohio both campaigns have just left it all on the table in ohio. obama was there every day for the last four days. he's been back and back to that state, my home state. and there is no doubt that's an incredibly important place in this election. the reason is because if obama can win ohio, again as i was saying before, the romney pass victory is incredibly narrow, he needs to pick up pennsylvania to make up for that deficit or run the table everywhere else. so ohio is important for a romney point of view to keep his victory alive and from obama point of view to shut that down. so i don't think they're all surprised governor romney will be back in ohio tomorrow. i should say the president will
11:49 pm
not be on any campaign trips tomorrow. he will be in his hometown where he will watch election returns at the end of the night. he may do some radio calls by satellite but he won't travel. he appears in no rush to leave as he shakes hands with folks who have been standing out in the cold. he does have a tradition on election day and that is playing basketball in the morning. guest: he does and he will do that in the morning. that game is being set up. his advisors made reference to the fact when he decipped basketball game. that was ahead of the new hampshire primary in 2008. they said they won't be making that mistake again so he will be playing basketball tomorrow
11:50 pm
morning. host: what are you looking for tomorrow evening. what are you expecting in terms of the early returns. what states or doesn't tiss will you be following closely? guest: the way we get the returns east to west as the polls close. virginia will be an early state to look for and see what the results are there and then of course florida is one of the earlier states although we don't really expect any sort of answer right in the early part of the night. so i think at the very beginning we're going to get several states, i think indiana and kentucky are the first that close, those are expected to go for the republican as they usually do. although obama did pick up indiana last time. so we're not expecting anything to tell us much early in the evening. my guess is there will be a lot of frenzy about what the polls are drk exit polls are not that
11:51 pm
good at predicting a race that is not a blow out. so i think it's in all likelihood we will be watching the states it will not be until the 9:00 or 10:00 hour until we get results from ohio and virginia counting is complete and florida until we get a sense of what kind of night we're going to have. host: i know it's been a long day and evening. the president is working the crowd. thank you for being with us. guest: thank you. host: from illinois on the republican line. good evening. caller: yes, someone please comment on this. i'm a christian and i do not agree with obama's morals and
11:52 pm
but i have having such a problem with the flip flopping and lying of romney. and being a christian, you know, how do you validate one and not the other and i do want to vote? so i want to get feedback on this because clearly governor romney has told some lies and some things he's flip flopped on, he's not been consistent. host: you phoned in on the republican line. who are you voting for tomorrow? caller: i'm not sure. i want to get feedback on that. host: you have to cast a vote in a couple of hours. any idea which way you're going to go? caller: no. host: go ahead.
11:53 pm
caller: i'd like to speak about obama's speech. i was not too happy with it. i think she needs to stay along the lines of moral values. i think abortion is a key issue here. i'd loik to go back to ross me row. -- host: good evening. caller: first of all, i'm fired up and ready to go. and i'm supportive of barack obama. did you see that tier in his eye when he was in iowa. i think we should give him four more years. not only has he had a bad time withing congress but he is going to win and all these
11:54 pm
talking heads are going to be so surprised. i'm fired up and ready to go and how can i get a caller: of this because my v.c.r. didn't work? host: as with all of our programming it's available on you can keep track of all the results of all 50 states and the victory and concession speeches and back to the first announcement 17 months ago when mitt romney and others entered this race. we're going to watch more and more of your phone calls. republican line, what's going to to happen tomorrow? caller: i believe mitt romney is going to win with a landslide. i think there is a big republican base out there that the pollsters seem to be
11:55 pm
missing. i really believe they're going to show up like they never have before because this election is very important. these independents that can't decide what they're going to do. this is the last hour. they need to be deciding something. host: there is a senate race that's getting a lot of attention, what's going to happen in that race? caller: it's close out there. it's like on the commercials there will be one commercial with one and back to back with the other so i think it's going to be just as close as the presidential race and i believe reeberg is going to win but by probably less than a thousand votes. host: why are the polls so close at this point? caller: we've got to go one way or the other and i think the nation is equally divided and i think it's going to come down
11:56 pm
to who slose up to vote. that's going to be the deciding factor. host: good evening. what's going to happen tomorrow, steve? caller: i think obama ob is going to win by a slim margin. but i remember four years ago when president obama was elected. we were at the brink of -- everybody believed it was going to be the end of the world, the economy was falling apart and people thought we were going to be back in caves and that nature. we have a big deficit but that's the only problem we have. people are forgetting how far we've gotten. we need to look at the job that's been done and see we're moving in a certain direction. host: why then is this race so close the polls saying this is
11:57 pm
a deed even race, the this race tomorrow could go either way. caller: i think the race is close because the biggest focus that the obama campaign has done is basically point out to mitt romney's mistakes. they've been quick to show his deficiency instead of talking about their accomplishments. they've barely talked about the good job that he's done. they haven't talked enough about bin laden. they haven't talked about al quideda or how we killed kadafi who would kill american citizen,. they haven't talked about detroit and how the banks paid back the money obama lent them while the money that rumsfelled
11:58 pm
and cheney told us we would get back from iraq and we haven't seen a dime of that money. host: it is approaching midnight in the east and by tomorrow this time we should have a sense of how it's going tr democrats and republicans. swrel speeches and results of the key senate races and. you can watch and engage on our website on with our election hub. governor romney wrapping up his campaign appearance in new hampshire. governor romney as he wraps up the night in new hampshire. ♪ ♪ ♪
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[cheers and applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> thank you so very much. thank you. [cheers and applause]
12:01 am
thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting, "usa, usa, usa
12:02 am
"] >> now that, that is quite a welcome. thanks. let me, first of all -- [cheers and applause] thank you. thank you. that was fabulous. and let me introduce you to the next first lady of the united states. [cheers and applause]
12:03 am
>> thank you, new hampshire. and i have to say thank you to kid rock. that has been our theme song. it has been a long journey. it started in new hampshire 1.5 years ago. our hearts are full, and what we have learned by going on the trail is that we have seen the america that you all love, that we all love. we fear it is in danger, that it is slipping away from us. i love this country.
12:04 am
i never loved hearing the voices of the women i have heard all across the nation. cheers and applause and i have to tell you, hope is on the way, and it starts tomorrow. [cheers and applause] so let me introduce to you the next president of the united states.
12:05 am
>> now, because we are among family tonight, i wanted to introduce you to at least one of our sons. he is one you do not see much. he is a doctor. he has been out campaigning. ben romney. [cheers and applause] now that -- [cheers and applause] that is quite a welcome. thank you so much. this is a special moment for ann and me. this is where our campaign started. we got started over one year ago. and then your primary vote put me on the path to win the
12:06 am
republican nomination. [cheers and applause] and tomorrow, your votes and your work right here in new hampshire will help me to become the next president of the united states. [cheers and applause] now, look. i want to thank you for the work that so many of you have done, making calls from our victory centers, putting a sign in your yard, for some, putting a sign in your neighbor's yard, and convincing a friend or a co- worker or two to vote for paul ryan and me, and, of course, what makes this rally and all of your work so inspiring is that you are you're not just because of one person or because of the party, you are here because of america. [cheers and applause]
12:07 am
now, this is a campaign about america, and it is about the future america that we are going to leave to our children. we thank you, and we ask you to stay in it all of the way until victory tomorrow night. [cheers and applause] tomorrow, we begin a new tomorrow. some of your friends and family have not made of their minds and to vote for, i would like you to make sure you talk to them, and ask them to look beyond the speeches and the attacks and all of the ads and to look to the record, because talk is cheap, but a record is real, and it is earned by effort. change was promised by the
12:08 am
president, but change is not measured by that, it is measured by achievement. four years ago, canada obama promised much, but he has fallen so very short. he promised a post-partisan presidency, but he became most partisan, blaming and attacking. and it was not just republicans he refused to listen to. he also did not listen to independent voices. he was going to focus on jobs. instead, he focused on obamacare, which killed jobs, and he said he was going to cut the deficit in half. instead, he doubled it. instead, he said on a point would be at 5.2%, and he is at 7.9%, and, by the way, -- he said unemployment would be at
12:09 am
5.2%. if that is the number we should have had, on employment today is higher than it was when the president was elected. he promised that he would propose a plan that would save social security and medicare. he did not. instead, he raided medicare to pay for obamacare. $16 million. he said he would lower health- insurance premiums for the average family in america by $2,500 per year. anybody here have their premiums go down by 25 $1 per year? no, they are now actually higher by $3,000 per year, and gasoline, the average american family pays $2,000 more for gasoline than when president obama was elected. he said he would work across party lines, and he has not met on the economy or on the budget
12:10 am
or on jobs with either a republican leader of the house or senate since july, so instead of bridging the divide, and he has made it wider. maybe you in new hampshire look at the challenges we face as a nation, not first as a republican or a democrat, but as an american. you have watched what has happened over the last four years with an independent view. you hoped that president obama would live up to his promise to bring america together. he has not. i will. [cheers and applause] let me tell you what he fell so short of what he promised. that is because he cared more about the political agenda that
12:11 am
he did about the economy. did obama create new jobs? did his war on coal and gas and oil create new jobs? did those regulations help banks make more loans? does raising taxes for people to work? did his avalanche of new regulations help small-business? well, you passed the test. [cheers and applause] now, look. almost every measure he took hurt the economy, and it hurt our fellow americans. 23 million americans are struggling to find a good job. one out of six of us is poorer, and the middle class is being squeezed as take a pay has gone
12:12 am
down by $4,300 per year, and the cost of everything from health insurance to food to utilities has gone up. this weekend, i spoke with the wife of a 60-year-old man, and the prime of his life, i might add. [cheers and applause] and he has worked as a welder for 40 years, but he just got laid off. his wife asked what i could do to help them. she made it very clear. he does not want a government check. he wants a job. [cheers and applause] and so, the question of this election comes down to this. do you want four more years like
12:13 am
the last four years? do you want real change prove >> yes. >> president obama promised change, but he could not deliver it. i not only promised change, i have a record of achieving it. i build a business. i turned around another one. i helped put the olympics back on track. and with a democratic legislature, i helped to turn my state from deficit to surplus, and we went from higher taxes to higher take-home pay, and that is why i am running for president, because i know how to change the course the nation is on. [cheers and applause]
12:14 am
you see, accomplishing real change is not just something i talk about. it is something i have done, and it is what i am going to do when i am president of the united states. [cheers and applause] well, if you, like me, believe we can do better, if you believe america should be on a better course, if you are tired of being tired, i asked you to work for real change and make that happen tomorrow. [cheers and applause] paul ryan and i will bring real change to america from day one. when i am elected, i know the economy and american jobs will still be stagnant, but i will
12:15 am
not waste any time complaining about my predecessor. [cheers and applause] from day one, from day one, i am going to go to work to help americans get back to work, and people across the country are responding to our five-part plan. part one, as you know, is taking advantage of our coal and our gas and our renewables. [cheers and applause] on day one, on day one, i am going to have to increase the number of leases and permits to drill on federal land. [cheers and applause] and i will act to approve -- to speed the approval of the keystone pipeline. [cheers and applause]
12:16 am
now, second, i am going to move to boost trade, because for a productive people, trade helps to create more jobs and rising incomes. and by the way, i am finally going to designate china as a currency manipulator. [cheers and applause] number three, i am going to send to congress a training format to make sure workers have the skills they need for a good job, and number four, i am in the mood to tackle out of control spending. i am going to send congress the first of central reforms. we are going to call this the down payment on fiscal sanity act. and with it, we will immediately cut, not just slow the rate of growth, but cut federal
12:17 am
spending. cheers and applause you see, i am just not going to take office on january 20. i am going to take responsibility for that office, as well. [cheers and applause] and no. 5, and number five, i am going to act to boost small business and all business. i am going to issue executive orders for the problems that are holding back this economy. number one, i am going to grant state waivers for obamacare to begin its repeal. [cheers and applause] number two, we will launch a sweeping review of all obama-air regulations with an eye to repairing those that killed jobs, and for the first time, for the first time in four
12:18 am
years, every entrepreneur, every small business person, every job creator will know that the president of the united states and the government likes them and likes the jobs they create. [cheers and applause] now, you know well that america's choice tomorrow is going to need to one of two very different outcomes. if the president is going to be reelected, he will still not be able to work with the people in congress because he has ignored them, blame them, and attacked them. a default will be threatened, and that freezes the economy and herds jobs. the president was read the other day when he said he cannot change washington from the inside, only from the outside. let's give him that chance, ok?
12:19 am
[cheers and applause] now, the way i am going to do it when i am elected, i will work with democrats and republicans in congress. i will meet regularly with their leaders. i will endeavor to find those good men and women on both sides of the aisle that care more about the country than they do about politics. [cheers and applause] now, if the president were elected, he will continue his war on coal and oil and natural gas, but when i am elected, we will change course on energy, because to build jobs and help with prices at the pump, we need to achieve north american energy independence within eight years. [cheers and applause]
12:20 am
now, if the present were reelected, he would continue to crush small business, and i mean this seriously. his plans crush small businesses. he is raising their taxes. he is forcing unions on companies where the employees do not want them. he wants to expand regulations, imposed obamacare. that will crush small business. i care about small business. i see small business as a way for people to fill their dreams. [cheers and applause] last week, i met with someone in richmond, virginia. she has been running more fat -- her family restaurants for years. the business has been in her family for 82 years. at its high point, she employed to wandered people.
12:21 am
she just closed it down. she told me obama-air regulations and taxes and obamacare and the condition of the economy just put her out of business, and then she tiered op. this was not about money. it was about the future for our family and her employees. look. i want to help the hundreds of thousands of dreamers like rhoda, and i will. [cheers and applause] now, you know if the president is reelected, you will say it -- he will say that he will improve the schools, but he will do what the largest supporters, the public-sector unions, will want. when i am president, i will be the voice of the children and their parents. there is no union.
12:22 am
[cheers and applause] >> i would give parents the information they need to know if the school their child is going to is failing and also being able to send them to the school that will bring them success. [cheers and applause] when i am president, i will do what i did as governor. we took our schools to the no. 1 spot in the country, and we did that by working together, republicans and democrats, and we did that by listening to parents and by putting the interests of our kids first. now, these last months of our campaign have seen the gathering of strength of the real movement across this country. the size of these crowds, like this tonight, my goodness.
12:23 am
[cheers and applause] and i understand that there are a few thousand people outdoors that could not get in, too, so -- it is also the depth of our shared conviction. it has made me strive even more to be worthy of your support and to campaign as i would govern, to speak for the aspirations of all americans. you know, i learned as governor of massachusetts is that the best achievements are shared achievements. i have learned that respect and good will go along way and are usually returned in kind. that is how i will conduct myself as president. i will bring myself together -- i will bring us together. [cheers and applause]
12:24 am
i will not just represent one party. i represent one nation. [cheers and applause] throughout this campaign, using every argument that he could think of, president obama has tried to convince you that these last four years have been a success. and so, his plan for the next four years is to take all of the ideas of the first four, and you is, the borrowing, obamacare, and just do them all over again. he calls his plan forward, and i call it forewarned. [cheers and applause]
12:25 am
that same path means $20 trillion in debt at the end of four years. it means crippling unemployment continues. it means a stagnant take-home pay, depressed real estate values, and a depressed military. in his closing arguments just last week, president obama asked his supporters to vote for revenge. instead, i ask the american people to vote for love of country. [cheers and applause]
12:26 am
together, together, we must lead america to a better place. we are one day away from a fresh start and one day away from a new beginning. my conviction is that better days are ahead, and that is not based on promises and hollow rhetoric but on solid plans and proven results, and on an unshakable belief of the greatness of the american spirit. [cheers and applause] if there is anyone worried that the last four years is the best we can do, if there is anyone who feels that the american dream is fading away, if there
12:27 am
is anyone wonders that better jobs and better pay checks are a thing of the past, i have a clear and unequivocal message. america will come roaring back. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting, "mitt, mitt, mitt, mitt!"] the only thing that stands between us and some of the best years we have never imagined is lack of leadership. tomorrow is a moment to look into the future and imagine what we can do. we can put the past four years behind us and start building a
12:28 am
new future. use of the differences when president obama and i were side by side in our debates. he says it has to be this way. i say it cannot stay this way. [cheers and applause] he has offered excuses. i've got a plan. he is hoping we sell. i cannot wait to get started. americans do not sell. we build. we listen to that voice inside that says we can do better. [cheers and applause] that better life is out there, waiting for us. our destiny is in your hands. tomorrow, we get to work rebuilding our country, restore
12:29 am
our confidence and renewing our conviction, confidence of a stolid -- solid path and steady improvement, confidence that college grads will find better jobs when they graduate -- [cheers and applause] confidence that single moms working two jobs will have a shot at a better job. tomorrow, on november 6, we come together for a better future, and november 7, we get to work. [cheers and applause] we reach across the street. i need you to reach across the street to that neighbor with the other yards side, -- signed, and we will reach across the aisle
12:30 am
in washington in good faith to the other party. this is much more because this is much more than our moment, it is america's moment. purpose and optimism. we have journeyed together far and wide in discreet campaign for america's future, and now, we are almost come. one final push, and we will get there. [cheers and applause] we have known many long days and short nights, and we are close. the door to our better future is there an open and waiting for us. i need your vote. i need your help. walk with me. walk together. tomorrow. new hampshire, god bless you and god bless the united states of america.
12:31 am
thank you, guys. thank you. ♪ i was born free, born free ♪ ♪ ♪ i was born free
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i was born free i was born free ♪ ♪ and i am not good at long goodbyes but look down deep into my eyes i was born free ♪ ♪ ooohhhhh ♪ facing danger
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loss, like an unknown stranger grateful for my time with no regrets close to my destination tired, a frail, and 18 -- tired, frail, and aching waiting patiently for the sun to set and when it is done, believe that i will yell it from the mountain high i was born free i was born free i was born free i will about to the shining sea -- bow to the shining sea
12:34 am
and celebrate god's grace on thee i was born free i was born free i was born free ♪ ooh, oooh, ooh, ooh, oooh, oooh, oooh ♪ ♪
12:35 am
[cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> for years, the status quo in washington has fought us every step of the way. they spent millions trying to stop us from reforming health
12:36 am
care and wall street. the engineered a strategy of gridlock, refusing to compromise even on ideas that republicans and democrats used to support in the past, and what they are counting on now is that you will be so worn down, so discouraged, tired of all the dysfunction that you would just give up and walk away and leave the powers that be. >> my idea that better days are ahead are not based on rhetoric but on proven results and on unshakable faith in the american spirit. if there is anyone worried that the last four years is the best we can do, if there is anyone fiers that the american dream is fading away, it there is anyone knew where is that better jobs or better paychecks are a thing of the past, i never a clear and unequivocal message. with the right leadership, america is about to come roaring back.
12:37 am
>> watch president obama and mitt romney, plus key house victory and concession speeches from across the country, and throughout the night, your reaction by phone, email, and twitter. live coverage starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, c-span radio, and >> tomorrow night, watch the presidential election results along with key contests in the senate, house, and governor races on c-span. over the next several hours, campaign stops by the presidential candidates and their running mates. and about 15 minutes, vice president joe biden and his wife jill in washington, d.c.. after that, mitt romney in new hampshire, followed by president obama in our hi. paul ryan was in ohio.
12:38 am
♪ >> one more day. one more day. hey, hey, corey gardner, thank you for what you have done. thank you. i want to thank you. i want to introduce you to my family. my daughter, and he is shot.
12:39 am
and this is my wife -- and he is shy. and this is my wife. you know where this is going. you know that we do not have to settle for four more years like these last four years, and you know that in one day, we can elect mitt romney as the next president of the united states and get our country back on track. you know that. you know, i got to meet a great hero last night, a real leader, just coming off of the airplane. i got to meet john elway, and, yes, he reminded me that the packers and the broncos met at the super bowl, but if we were
12:40 am
going to lose, at least we lost to a class act like that, but he also wishes us well. he was behind us. i have got to tell you, from traveling the state all around, i want to thank you. i want to thank colorado, because you care about your country. you know what built our country, and tomorrow, you are going to help us save our country. cheers and applause you know, you can tell the course of these things based on how the campaigns are coming to their conclusions. you can tell the course and the direction that either party wants to take our country. look. these are very serious times. very serious. and they require serious solutions, which means serious
12:41 am
leadership. the president is closing his campaign in a very small way. it is the incredible shrinking presidency and the incredibly shrinking campaign. it is actually quite sad. four years ago, the president says if you do not have fresh ideas and use stealth tactics to scare the voters, you make of lot about big things -- small things, right here in colorado, you have turned on your television, and guess who was doing that today? that is right. the other day, he appealed to your vote by asking you to vote out of revenge. that is about as small and petty as it gets. look. i want to be really clear. mitt romney and i are seeking to
12:42 am
earn your votes. we are asking for your votes out of a love of country. and because we are asking you to do this out of love of country, we feel morally obligated to give you the choice. we owe you some missions, so here is what we are doing. we have run a campaign saying these are the principles we believe and, the principles that built this country. liberty. that means all kinds of liberty. religious liberty, personal liberty, economic liberty. we believe in self- determination. we believe in freedom. we believe our federal government, it works for us, not the way -- the other way around. and so, we are going to say here is how you apply these
12:43 am
principles to come up with these proven solutions to get people back to work. it stands in stark contrast to what we have had the last four years. you see, president obama came in, and he simply said that if you just passed his stimulus bill, i tell you, truckers are great. they really are. talk about freedom loving people, i tell you. he said it if he pass the stimulus bill, we would have 9 million more jobs. he passed the stimulus, and we had 43 months of unemployment. today, the unemployment rate is higher than it was when he took office. 15% of our fellow citizens are living in poverty today. people living on fixed incomes in retirement, doing with less, and then he said stimulus is
12:44 am
enough, i am going to go fight for obamacare, so he spent 1.5 years of our time fighting for a government takeover of health care. i have got to tell you, and then he proceeded with his war on coal and his war on minerals and on mining. if he got another term, i shudder to think what would happen next. the good news is this. in one more day, we will deny him that extra term. [cheers and applause] one more day. one more day. >> one more day, one more day, one more day. >> this is why we are offering you solutions. this is why we keep talking about this five-point plan. the reason we keep talking about this is we want to respect you by showing new submissions so that we win the election, we have the mandate, the moral
12:45 am
authority, the game plan, the track record to get us out of the ditch that we are in and get us back on track and get people out of poverty and get this country back on the right track. use the energy we have in this country, fix our schools, make more things, sell more things overseas, cut spending, balance the budget, give our children and our grandchildren a debt- free nation. and never forget that small businesses, these are the businesses that gives us our jobs and that are the backbone of our economy. we stand with them. we stand with them. this is a moment where we are defining the mission and the trajectory of our country. you know, i see you are bringing
12:46 am
your kids out here today. thank you for bringing the kids. especially this honorable guy with the packers had. it makes me feel at home. the reason i say that is that there is nothing stronger than a parent's love for eight children. it is like your heart is walking around and somebody else's body, is it not? and the point is, we are at an inflection point. not only is the path that we are on damaging our economy, making it harder for people to get ahead, keeping people out of the middle class, making our paychecks stretch less hard than it ever has before because of energy prices and because of everything else, but we know without a doubt, we are giving this next generation a diminished future. we have never done that in this country before. this country has always been truthful to the american legacy of leaving the next generation better off. we know now without a shadow of
12:47 am
a doubt that if we stay on this path, this mountain of debt, this crushing burden of borrowing and spending and taxing and money printing and regulating, we know it will give our kids a lower living standards. we have never done this before. here is the good news. we also know that does not work. we know that freedom works, that freedom -- free enterprise works. our families, our small businesses, the people of this country, and we have got to get those priorities right, and when we win, we can turn this background and get us back on that right path. we also know that we have a man standing for election tomorrow that is a proven leader. you have seen the hundreds of millions of dollars of advertisements trying to trash mitt romney, trying to win by
12:48 am
distraction and default. that is what president obama has been trying to do. we know better than that. we have seen through that. this is a man who has proven in all of his life's endeavors, he is truthful, he is a man of achievement. he turned around a small businesses and struggling businesses. this is a guy who was a republican governor of a democratic state. he did not demonize the democrats or demagogue them. he met with them every single monday. he talked with them. he found a way to get things done without compromising principles. he balanced the budget. income went up. on the appointed went down. that is the kind of leader we will elect in one day. and he it is prudent to know how to do it. we can do this.
12:49 am
look. you heard me say this. i was in one city the other day. this is the statement in this beautiful horizon of them all. it is a great peak. and, by the way, we all look at our own personal horizon. we all see that horizon for ourselves and for our kids and for our grandkids. in this country, it does not matter if you are an american by chance or by choice. you can make the most of your life. the horizon is here for the taking because of this beautiful idea that recognizes that our life comes from nature and nature's god and not our government. it is a country that recognizes you can make the most of your life. nothing is standing in your way. we still have that country. we still are that country.
12:50 am
giving you these ideas and applying these principles, it is proof that we can get that back by electing mitt romney the next president of the united states tomorrow. thank you so much, guys. i have to tell you, this is an election where, yes, packers' fans and other fans can come together. common ground. we can do this. we love our freedoms. we love our families. we love our communities, and we love what made us great. the veterans, we love you for giving us that freedom. thank you for that. let me and all on the field. this is the time, , rather, to get your family to the polls. take your friends to the polls. take your neighbors to the polls. talk to those people that thought hope and other things were good and now they see this
12:51 am
revenge. do this knowing we did everything we could, that colorado gave its all and gave its vote for freedom in this country and that we will be let mitt romney the next president of the united states. thank you, guys, for coming out to johnson corner. thank you, guys. let's do it. one more day. one more day. thank you. >> one more day, one more day, one more day. ♪ >> as part of our coverage of the campaign, reporters and political analysts, we asked them what they are looking for on election night. >> we are going to be watching the suburban counties around denver. you will hear a lot of talk about jefferson county and arapahoe county.
12:52 am
whichever candidate in the presidential race wins those counties, they have a much easier path towards winning the state of colorado. we'll be looking at the number of republican votes coming out of some of those counties, and another swing county we pay attention to is in northern colorado, where fort collins is there, home to colorado state university, and as far as democrats, we will be looking at boulder and denver and getting those numbers, and the democrats have paid considerable attention to the southwest corner of the state, the home of fort lewis college. we will be looking in the southwest corner of the state, as well. >> vice president joe biden and his wife campaigned today in sterling, va., near washington, d.c. speakers also included tim
12:53 am
kaine and mark warner. >> virginia. you guys look pretty warm. how are you guys doing? are you ready to reelect barack obama and joe biden? are you ready to elect tim kaine? first of all, i know so many of you have been volunteering for weeks and weeks and months and months on end. thank you, thank you, thank you. you know, in 2008, virginia was the epicenter of the election. in 2008, it was virginia that elected barack obama. [cheers and applause] are you ready to do it again?
12:54 am
we are back to being another battleground state, and we all want our candidates to win, but how many are not going to be really happy when wednesday, as proof enough of the television ads. getting your phone calls without somebody saying please, please, do this or do that. once again, of virginia is center, and loudoun county is ground zero. are you ready to win? in 2008, we changed the guard. in 2012, we guard the change. in 2008, we changed the guard. in 2012, we guard the change. but even with president obama and vice president by the reelected, we have got to have a congress that will meet him halfway.
12:55 am
i believe so much in by partisanship, but in by partisanship, you have to have somebody who is willing to find that common ground, and in by partisanship, you have got to have partners, not someone who thinks the number one objective is defeating the president of the united states. well, we have an addition to the presidential election this year, a senate race, and tim kaine, tim kaine, an individual i have known for 32 years, we went to law school together. he became a lawyer, i became a client. [laughter] but this is a good man. this is somebody is served as a missionary, who served with civil rights, a city council member in richmond, then mayor of richmond, and i had a chance to work with him during some
12:56 am
very challenging times, and then he was a great governor. so we need a new great united states senator in tim kaine. in addition to electing barack obama, elect tim kaine. [cheers and applause] the person that tim is going to succeed is also somebody who has made us extraordinarily proud. six years ago, in a race that no one thought he could win, jim webb turned the united states senate blue. it was jim webb who served with enormous distinction, serving as secretary of the navy, serving as a marine, serving in so many ways for our country, and is jim webb that has been a great united states senator. let me also before i bring out jim webb, let me also say that
12:57 am
we also have a great congressional candidate. we have got not only to take the senate, but we have to take back the house. [cheers and applause] i have got to tell you, the senate is tough, but the house we really need to make some progress in. in jim webb, we have someone who has served our country in the military, where it on capitol hill, served as a great senator. let me bring forward now for at least the next two months, -- is great senior senator, jim webb. [cheers and applause]
12:58 am
>> is everybody warm enough? what can happen to you when you get fired up, right? thank you, thank you. it is my privilege to introduce tim kaine today, but before i did, i wanted to take one little moment of senatorial prerogative year. i was thinking as we drove in today, six years ago right now, we were on the edge of pulling off one of the major upsets in the history of virginia. i announced, as many of you here who worked with us, i announced nine months to the day before the election with no campaign staff, no money. we were 33 points behind on a good day. we were running against an individual as you all of come to
12:59 am
know well during this campaign. we worked hard. we were outspent two to one. even by the end of that campaign. but the difference in that election is people believe in what we were saying. we got 14,000 volunteers who stepped up. and we pushed it over. my wife is here. my youngest daughter georgia. six years ago yesterday, eight months pregnant. we went to 16 churches in one day. this was a trouper. georgia was born about four weeks after the election. you know, those of you who


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